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Latest Headlines

T-Mobile aims to boost data revenues with pricing adjustments

T-Mobile USA tweaked the prices and stipulations for its data and messaging offerings, moves that research and consulting firm Current Analysis said reflect the No. 4 carrier's continued efforts to

Verizon launching BlackBerry Pearl Flip

Verizon Wireless will launch Research In Motion's BlackBerry Pearl Flip phone, becoming the latest carrier to sport the clamshell smartphone. The phone has a 2-megapixel camera, a SureType Qwerty

Analyst: RIM to face pressure amid Palm, Apple launches

Research In Motion, and its stock, are likely to face mounting pressure as Sprint Nextel launches the Palm Pre June 6 and Apple possibly unveils a new version of the iPhone (which is rumored to be on

Rumor Mill: T-Mobile launching prepaid BlackBerry service

T-Mobile USA is going to introduce prepaid service for Research In Motion's BlackBerry phones, according to the website CrackBerry.com. The website cited a Best Buy advertisement for a T-Mobile

Critical security flaws found in Blackberry enterprise apps


RIM, U.S. Cellular hiring despite recession

Despite pervasive economic gloom and industry layoffs, it seems a few wireless companies are still hiring. Research In Motion plans to hire 200 new workers and U.S. Cellular is building a candidate

SAP CRM solution for BlackBerry

SAP and Research In Motion have released an integrated solution that provides customers with anytime, anywhere access to the SAP Customer Relationship Management (SAP CRM) application on BlackBerry smartphones.

Rumor Mill: BlackBerry Storm 2 slated for June

Research In Motion's BlackBerry Storm 2 is going to be launched by Verizon Wireless in June, according to a rumor on the website BlackBerryOS.com. The post said that in the past two weeks Verizon has

Palm Pre timeline

With the imminent launch of the Palm Pre, it's worth taking a look back over the past two years to see the rumors, announcements, speculation and hype that brought us to this point. 2008 Dec. 2-

Gartner: Smartphone sales surge

New figures from Gartner show smartphone sales increased to 36 million units worldwide in the first quarter, representing 13.5 percent of all handset sales in the quarter. Research In Motion saw its