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Are smartphones the savior in a floundering economy?

I'm beginning to think that it will be the smartphone that helps keep the mobile operator industry afloat during these tough economic times. A new ChangeWave corporate IT purchasing survey reveals

Storm Watch: Early morning lines form for BlackBerry Storm

Customers lined up outside Verizon stores all over Washington, D.C., and all over the country today to snap up Research In Motion's BlackBerry Storm, which Verizon Wireless is launching today. One

Verizon Wireless launches BlackBerry Storm

After months of anticipation, Verizon Wireless will officially launch the BlackBerry Storm from Research in Motion Nov. 21 for $199 with a two-year contract. FierceWireless conducted an unboxing and

Review- Research In Motion's BlackBerry Storm

After months of waiting, the BlackBerry Storm has arrived. The first touchscreen BlackBerry, being launched by Verizon Wireless, is sure to excite the market as it tries to become the first true

BlackBerry Storm unboxing

Handset makers poised for a shakeup in 2009

In the face of a global economic downturn and weakening demand, handset makers and vendors affiliated with cell phone components are probably headed toward a large shakeup, according to a report in

BlackBerry Storm available Nov. 21 for $199

There's a Storm coming. Verizon Wireless announced that its long-awaited smartphone, Research In Motion's BlackBerry Storm, will be available Nov. 21 for $199.99, with a two-year service contract and

Rumor Mill: BlackBerry Storm will sell for $219

Verizon Wireless' launch date for Research In Motion's BlackBerry Storm is still uncertain, but preliminary pricing appears to have leaked. According to a screenshot of the prices, the phone is

Apple passed RIM in smartphone market in Q3

When Apple announced that it had sold 6.9 million iPhones in its fiscal fourth quarter, Apple CEO Steve Jobs proclaimed that his company had passed Research In Motion in units shipped in the quarter.

Verizon releases BlackBerry Storm data plan prices

Updated: Read- BlackBerry Storm available Nov. 21 for $199 Ahead of its expected launch later this month, Verizon Wireless has released some details about its voice and data plan prices for