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Latest Headlines

Data services help mobile providers weather bad economy

Maybe people are using their cell phones to learn how much money their 401(k) has lost. Maybe they're checking email or the weather. Whatever the reason, data services are big business for wireless

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I have a dirty secret: I read our content more on my Blackberry than anywhere. Here is what I like about it: I can rapidly catch up on our real-time news and job feeds, and my personalized feeds

BlackBerry Bold available for pre-order from Best Buy

Research In Motion's BlackBerry Bold has had quite a torturous run-up to its launch. When AT&T announced its

Apple sells 6.9M iPhones in Q4

Apple, in announcing its fourth quarter earnings, said that it had sold 6.9 million iPhones in the quarter, and was poised to have 200 million downloads from its App Store. The iPhone number is just

RIM roundup: Bold out Nov. 4, Storm reportedly Nov. 16

The BlackBerries are ripe and ready for release. AT&T Mobility CEO Ralph de la Vega confirmed on the AT&T third quarter earnings conference call this morning that the carrier would be

Survey: Verizon has least dropped calls, customers still switching to AT&T

If only Verizon Wireless had an iPhone. That was the uptake of a survey conducted by ChangeWave that showed Verizon Wireless' customers had the lowest percentage of dropped calls among all major U.S.

Nokia says 'no' to RIM client for E71

Nokia said that it is not considering a Research In Motion BlackBerry email client for its top-of-the-line E71 smartphone, according to a report in Unstrung. Nokia shot down the idea, despite the

Vodafone releases how-to video for BlackBerry Storm

Vodafone has released a how-to video for customers so they can get a handle on Research In Motion's upcoming BlackBerry Storm.

Video: How to use the BlackBerry Storm

The video below was put out by Vodafone to demonstrate how to use the BlackBerry Storm:

Cincinnati Bell Wireless pushes family plans for smartphones

The smartphone, once the must-have gadget for the well-equipped business person, is now so passé that Cincinnati Bell Wireless is offering a "family plan" for families with two or more