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Latest Headlines

BlackBerry halts sale process, gets $1B investment and ousts CEO Heins

BlackBerry announced it halted its plans to go private in a $4.7 billion deal led by Fairfax Financial Holdings, its largest shareholder, and will instead receive a $1 billion capital injection form Fairfax and other institutional investors. BlackBerry also effectively ousted CEO Thorsten Heins.

Rockstar, backed by Apple, blasts Google and Android handset makers with patent lawsuits

After years of reverse-engineering electronics gadgets and looking for infringing products, a patent consortium owned by Apple, Microsoft, Ericsson, Sony, EMC and BlackBerry has filed a battery of lawsuits against Google and Android manufacturers like Samsung, HTC, Huawei and others. The action opens another, major front in the patent-infringement war that has engulfed virtually all of the world's major mobile players.

2013 Wireless industry nightmares

Today is Halloween, so it's time to pull out your costumes, light up your jack-o-lanterns, turn on a horror movie or two--and of course, go trick-or-treating (either by yourself or… with your kids). It's also time to take a light-hearted break from the third-quarter earnings season rush: Just like we did in 2012 and 2011, FierceWireless in 2013 has taken a look inside the minds of some of the industry's top executives to see what really scares them. These nightmares are scenarios that could plausibly come to pass within the next year.

Report: BlackBerry met with Facebook to discuss potential bid

BlackBerry executives visited Facebook last week to see if the social networking giant had any interest in a potential bid for the company, according to a  Wall Street Journal  report.

Report: Former Apple CEO Sculley considers BlackBerry purchase

Add former Apple CEO John Sculley to list of reported potential bidders for BlackBerry, according to a Globe and Mail article.

BlackBerry trumpets 10M downloads of cross-platform Messenger app

BlackBerry said that within the first 24 hours of availability, more than 10 million users had downloaded the cross-platform version of its signature Messenger app for Google's Android and Apple's iOS platforms. The BBM rollout is a bright spot for the struggling smartphone maker, which is considering going private and is reportedly being circled by other potential buyers.

BlackBerry launches Messenger for Android, iPhone

BlackBerry made its signature Messenger chat service available on Monday afternoon to users of Google's Android and Apple's iOS platforms after weeks of delay. However, customers who did not pre-register to get the app will likely need to get a spot in line and wait a bit before getting access.

Report: Lenovo looking at potential BlackBerry bid

Chinese PC and smartphone maker Lenovo is actively considering purchasing all of BlackBerry, according to a  Wall Street Journal  article.

The 5 biggest job cutters in wireless in 2013

U.S. wireless carriers are expected to spend well over $20 billion on wireless capital expenditures in 2013 alone as they continue their LTE deployments and modernize their networks. Money is sloshing through the economy as a result of that spending, trickling down to vendors, handset makers and other ecosystem partners. However, that does not mean that all is healthy in the wireless economy.

BlackBerry issues open letter to customers, says it's here to stay

BlackBerry issued an open letter to customers and partners around the world, assuring them that the company is "here to stay" even as it contemplates going private and its future is up in the air.