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Latest Headlines

RIM shares drop on growing expenses, outlook

Research In Motion saw its shares fall off in early trading on Friday on the news that despite reporting a 72 percent growth in second quarter earnings, its earnings forecast was weaker than

Storm clouds gathering around Verizon

The market is abuzz with the notion the BlackBerry Storm-the device formerly known as Thunder-will saturate Verizon Wireless' stores sometime very soon. Verizon emailed a message hinting that the

Photos: BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8220

Check out these show floor photo's of RIM's newest Flip phone!

T-Mobile gets exclusive with BlackBerry flip phone

T-Mobile USA will be the exclusive carrier for Research in Motion's first BlackBerry flip phone, the Pearl Flip

Verizon's launch of Blackberry Storm delayed until November

Research in Motion's latest BlackBerry device, the 9530 Storm, will not debut until November due to bugs that still need to be worked out and time needed for a formal technical acceptance process by

RIM begins rolling out new devices

Research in Motion is beginning to rollout its highly anticipated new device lineup for the fall and analysts are already starting to question whether the company can deliver on its robust plans.

Enterprise mandate: Go wireless now

Wireless is no longer an option for enterprises. With high-speed wireless networks and intelligent devices, IT managers are faced with a mandate to make their employees mobile immediately. Expect the

HSBC denies it's dumping BlackBerrys for iPhones

Banking giant HSBC has denied a report last week that said it was considering dumping its RIM BlackBerry handsets in favor of Apple's iPhone. The company said that there are no current plans to

Study: U.S. mobile phone sales down 13 percent

A study by NPD Group says that U.S. consumers purchased 28 million mobile phones in second quarter, a 13 percent decline over the same period a year ago. The firm estimates that total sales were $2.4

Major banking group considers replacing BlackBerry with iPhone

Global banking conglomerate HSBC is taking a hard look at using the iPhone 3G over its current fleet of corporate BlackBerry devices. Such a move could involve the purchase of 200,000 iPhones