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Latest Headlines

Sony to scale back smartphone ambitions and focus on components

Sony is cutting the number of models in its smartphone lineup to boost profits in its mobile unit. The Japanese company acknowledges it has lost substantial ground to Samsung Electronics, Apple, Xiaomi, Lenovo and other market leaders.

IHS: Samsung S5 costs more to build than S4 and iPhone 5s

Samsung's latest flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S5, costs around $12 (€8.67) more to make than the vendor's S4 smartphone, and nearly $50 more than rival Apple's iPhone 5S, research by IHS shows.

Samsung heads into Galaxy S IV launch with marketing advantage, supply chain concerns

Samsung Electronics will take the wraps off its Galaxy S IV smartphone tomorrow in New York City, but it already has one advantage over rival Apple: it's spending more on marketing.

Analysts push back against reports of weak iPhone 5 demand

Analysts and industry observers moved to counter reports that a cutback in Apple's orders for iPhone 5 components indicated a drop in demand for the device. The reports, first from Japan's  Nikkei  and then also from the  Wall Street Journal, caused Apple's stock to drop 3.6 percent yesterday.

Report: Apple cuts iPhone 5 component orders on weaker demand

Apple slashed its orders for components for the iPhone 5 because of weaker-than-expected demand, according to multiple reports, sending Apple's shares down in the process.

Qualcomm claims smart home silicon boost

Qualcomm claims its Atheros subsidiary’s latest chipset will cut the cost of deploying machine-to-machine (M2M) technology in smart homes.   The firm states its A

Webwire: Apple details dividend; China stalls Google-Moto deal

Apple splashes the cash on

IBM prototypes 1-Tbps optical receiver chip

IBM is ready to present details of a prototype chipset it claims is the first parallel optical receiver capable of transferring one terabit of information per second.  

Webwire: TV execs eye YouTube fund; Braille smartphone app developed

YouTube fund attracts TV talent

Webwire: Deutsche Tel reviews UK role; Apple wins HTC patent battle

Deutsche Telekom mulls UK ex