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Latest Headlines

Juniper: 60% of smartphone, tablet data traffic will run over Wi-Fi by 2019

Wi-Fi offloading of cellular data is going to continue to accelerate, especially in North America and Western Europe, according to a new report from Juniper Research. The report indicates Wi-Fi networks will carry 60 percent of global smartphone and tablet data traffic by 2019, compared to just over 50 percent estimated in 2014.

Analysys Mason: Mobile data growth will be strongest outside Europe and North America

Rupert Wood The volume of mobile data traffic reached 8.1 exabytes worldwide in 2012, according to Analysys Mason's " Wireless network traffic worldwide: forecasts and analysis...

IEEE's 802.11HEW standard focused on LTE handoff, real-world performance

Many Wi-Fi standard iterations over the years have been primarily focused on improving maximum data speeds allowed via the technology. That is starting to change as LTE networks take off and the emphasis shifts to real-world performance and the handoff between LTE and Wi-Fi networks. 802.11HEW--the HEW stands for high-efficiency WLAN--is a major part of that effort. Special report.

Mallinson: Cellular and Wi-Fi are complementary, but need for more licensed spectrum is urgent

Cellular technologies and operator services are highly complementary to those for Wi-Fi. This symbiotic relationship will continue and grow. However, with exponential demand in growth for mobile broadband, it is essential that substantial amounts of additional spectrum be made available for cellular.

Report: 50% of mobile data traffic to be offloaded this year

Alm ost 50 per cent of data traffic generated by mobile phones, tablets and other 3G/LTE connected devices, will be offloaded to Wi-Fi and small cell networks this year, according to a new report from Juniper Research.

Analyst: Fears over spectrum shortage allayed by HSPA+ and LTE

Operators' concerns from several years ago that their networks would face crushing constraints due to higher mobile data traffic were overblown, according a new study from Infonetics Research. The firm claims that HSPA+ and LTE have been the primary reasons mobile operators have been able to squeeze increasing amounts of data across limited spectrum.

Cisco: Average N. American mobile user to consume 6 GB/month in 2017

Mobile subscribers in North America and the Asia-Pacific region will be the drivers of a 13-fold growth rate in global mobile data traffic from 2012- 2017, according to a new report from Cisco Systems.

Alvarion strikes Wi-Fi offload deal with Japanese operator

Alvarion said it reached a deal with a Tier 1 Japanese operator to offload the carrier's 3G data traffic to Alvarion's carrier-grade Wi-Fi base stations in Tokyo. Such a strategy could be employed in the future by additional carriers, including those in the United States. 

Is LTE upsurge a threat to Wi-Fi's future?

A shift away from Wi-Fi usage in leading LTE countries could cause some operators to question their plans to install Wi-Fi to offload their cellular networks, accepting that European subscribers might respond differently to LTE availability.

Time Warner Cable taps WeFi for additional Wi-Fi hotspots

Time Warner Cable is using technology from Israeli-American startup WeFi to give its customers access to more free Wi-Fi hotspots that don't require passwords.