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Latest Headlines

U.S. Cellular launches 'OnLook' home automation and security service, challenging AT&T

U.S. Cellular is jumping into the digital home automation and security market, presenting a challenge to AT&T Mobility, which has largely had the market to itself among wireless carriers via its Digital Life unit.

AT&T: Next upgrade plans powered half of all smartphone sales in Q3

In an SEC filing AT&T said it expects total AT&T Next adoption rates to be around 50 percent in the third quarter and to have more than 400,000 postpaid smartphone gross additions from customers who brought their own phones.

Home automation, connected car pushing IoT, but lack of standards stings, execs say

LAS VEGAS--The fastest growing segments of the Internet of Things market include home automation, the connected car market and mobile healthcare and health monitoring, according to a panel of leading IoT executives. However, a lack of standards--or rather, a proliferation of them--is holding back adoption and creating headaches for the industry.

AT&T to license Digital Life home automation tech to Telefónica in Europe

LAS VEGAS-- AT&T Mobility is partnering with Telefónica for a limited trial of AT&T's Digital Life home security and automation service in Europe. The trial represents the first time AT&T has expanded Digital Life outside of the U.S., where it is currently available in more than 80 markets.

AT&T to open up Digital Life home security and automation systems to third-party products

AT&T Mobility has started testing third-party products that integrate with its Digital Life home security and automation services, but the carrier said it is soon to say when the third-party integration will be commercialized.

AT&T to expand Digital Life into business, healthcare markets

BARCELONA, Spain--AT&T Mobility plans to expand its Digital Life home automation service into two new markets: business and healthcare. The action represents the carrier's efforts to expand the platform beyond its current market of individual home security and automation.

AT&T hits milestone of 50 Digital Life markets by year-end

AT&T Mobility said it exceeded its goal of launching its Digital Life home security and automation service in 50 markets by the end of 2013 with the rollout of its 52nd market this week.

AT&T expects to reach 10M U-verse subs this year

As almost an afterthought in a press release detailing its Alltel acquisition, AT&T predicted that it will reach 10 million total U-verse subscribers by the end of the third quarter of 2013.

AT&T pitching Digital Life to Comcast, Cox, TWC homes with launch in 6 new markets

Comcast, Time Warner Cable and Cox Communications will feel the brunt of the expansion of AT&T's Digital Life service, which will launch Friday in parts of North Carolina, Oklahoma, Florida and Connecticut where the MSOs are marketing home security and automation services.

Operators look to 'fourth wave' as voice, messaging and data revenues start to decline

Much of the research on the wireless industry predicts a grim future for traditional mobile revenues: voice and messaging revenue are on the decline and some experts say that even data revenue has hit its peak. Where, then, should operators look for new sources of income?