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Latest Headlines

Dish's Ergen singles out T-Mobile as potential wireless M&A partner

Dish Network Chairman Charlie Ergen held out hope that Dish could partner with erstwhile acquisition target Sprint and said T-Mobile US is probably the last wireless remaining partner Dish could pursue a merger or acquisition with.

Dish: We likely won't 'meaningfully participate' in H Block auction

Dish Network indicated it does not plan to "meaningfully participate" in the FCC's upcoming auction of 1900 MHz PCS H Block spectrum, which could have large implications for Sprint and its competitors.

AT&T was only bidder for Leap, upped price by 58% in negotiations

AT&T previously passed on an opportunity to strike a deal with no-contract wireless carrier Leap Wireless but was ultimately the only bidder for the company and wound up paying 58 percent more than it had initially offered, according to a securities filing.

Report: Dish's Ergen could personally profit from LightSquared takeover

Dish Network Chairman Charlie Ergen could make hundreds of millions of dollars in personal profit if his bid to acquire LightSquared's spectrum assets in bankruptcy succeeds, according to a  Wall Street Journal  report.

LightSquared lenders rally behind plan by Dish's Ergen to buy company

A group of LightSquared's lenders filed a reorganization plan in bankruptcy court today that would largely follow the lines of Dish Network Chairman Charlie Ergen's $2.2 billion bid for control of LightSquared's spectrum holdings.

T-Mobile CEO hints at new prepaid plan, says he's 'intrigued' by Dish's vision

T-Mobile US CEO John Legere hinted at a new prepaid offering from the company, called Apollo 15, that will target Leap Wireless' Cricket-branded prepaid customer base. In addition, he said he is 'intrigued' by Dish Network Chairman Charlie Ergen's vision of combining the company with a wireless carrier, but also said that the two companies aren't talking.

Sprint finalizes Clearwire purchase

After months of wrangling, Sprint has completed its purchase of the remaining 49 percent of Clearwire that it didn't already own. The transaction closed less than one day after Clearwire shareholders approved it in a special meeting held July 8.

Clearwire shareholders approve Sprint acquisition

Clearwire shareholders approved majority owner Sprint's purchase of the remaining 49 percent of the company that it doesn't already own. The vote puts to rest the bidding war for Clearwire between Sprint and rival Dish Network.

Falcone works to block Ergen from LightSquared

LightSquared financier Philip Falcone is preparing to submit a reorganization plan to a bankruptcy judge that would specifically block Dish Network's Charlie Ergen from receiving compensation, according to a report from the  New York Post  that cited unnamed sources.

Dish considers expanding 700 MHz mobile TV service to 40 markets

Dish Network said it is currently broadcasting eight channels of mobile video in 13 locations across the country, and is considering expanding that effort to a total of 40 markets in the United States. The offering is not commercially available, but represents Dish's continued experimentation with the 700 MHz E Block licenses the company won during the FCC's 2008 spectrum auction.