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Latest Headlines

Madden: How the enterprise will buy DAS

When I talk with people about DAS and small cells, I hear the same old story: DAS is too expensive. DAS is dead. Let's check that old 8-track tape that people are playing, because it's getting out of date. First of all, let's look at the breakdown of costs in a Distributed Antenna System.

FCC issues violation notice to Nike for faulty DAS network card

Citing a faulty UHF amplifier card in its corporate distributed antenna system (DAS) network, the FCC's Enforcement Bureau issued a Notice of Violation to Nike.

Madden: Pre-installed DAS- A new sugar daddy for the mobile industry?

In the mobile communications industry, we often talk about the "scissors chart," which shows revenue reaching a plateau while demand for data continues to grow. Everyone can see that these combined trends are a problem for mobile operators. The mobile operator must feel like a father that brings home his paycheck, to find that his family has already spent it.  Here's the good news: Encouraging signs are emerging now that there's a new source of capital available for the mobile industry.

AT&T launches new ad campaign 'Better Network' highlighting small cells, DAS

AT&T Mobility is rolling out a new advertising campaign called "Better Network" aimed at illustrating how exactly it is improving coverage and capacity on its wireless network.

Boingo: Carrier deployments of Hotspot 2.0 are still 12-18 months away

Boingo Wireless CEO David Hagan thinks that carrier deployments of Hotspot 2.0 Wi-Fi are still a year to 18 months away, pushing back the timeframe for when moving between mobile networks and Wi-Fi networks will be more seamless.

AT&T, Verizon and others ride the DAS wave

The market for distributed antenna systems is a curious one, marked by numerous instances of competition, cooperation and "coopetition" between mobile operators and third-party DAS operators. There appears to be room for multiple players as the market for DAS deployments continues to be driven by overall increasing mobile data usage, growing in-building coverage requirements and a greater need for special event coverage and capacity.

AT&T, MetroPCS, Sprint and Verizon sign onto Barclays Center DAS

Four leading U.S. mobile operators will use ExteNet Systems' new distributed antenna system (DAS) in the massive Barclays Center sports and entertainment venue.

T-Mobile's Ray: MetroPCS' DAS will give us a small cell play

 If regulators approve T-Mobile USA"s deal with MetroPCS, T-Mobile will be able to merge MetroPCS' existing LTE network into its own planned LTE network on AWS frequencies and refarm MetroPCS' 1900 MHz CDMA spectrum for HSPA+ services. T-Mobile will also gain some new telecom infrastructure, such as some 6,000 distributed antenna system (DAS) nodes that MetroPCS has deployed. FierceBroadbandWireless Editor Tammy Parker recently spoke with T-Mobile CTO Neville Ray regarding MetroPCS, DAS and spectrum.  Hot Seat

Top wireless stories of the week

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Crown Castle buys DAS provider NextG for $1B

Crown Castle said it will pay $1 billion to acquire distributed antennas systems (DAS) provider NextG Networks, giving the tower company a leg up in the DAS market and potentially enabling it to