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Latest Headlines

Leap loses 196K subs in Q3 as AT&T acquisition draws near

Leap Wireless lost customers and reported lower revenue for the third quarter, though its customer defections were fewer than it had in the year-ago period. The flat-rate carrier, which operates the Cricket brand, is in the process of being acquired by AT&T, making its third-quarter report likely one of its last as an independent company.

AT&T was only bidder for Leap, upped price by 58% in negotiations

AT&T previously passed on an opportunity to strike a deal with no-contract wireless carrier Leap Wireless but was ultimately the only bidder for the company and wound up paying 58 percent more than it had initially offered, according to a securities filing.

Leap suggests its LTE roaming deal is with Sprint, hints at more device financing options

LAS VEGAS--Executives from Cricket provider Leap Wireless strongly hinted that the company's LTE roaming deal is with Sprint Nextel, which already has a nationwide 3G CDMA roaming deal with Cricket. 

Leap: Advanced smartphones prompting business model changes

No-contract carrier Leap Wireless is taking a hard look at its basic business model--from service activation to device financing--as it works to better accommodate customer adoption of more sophisticated smartphones, according to Doug Hutcheson, president and CEO.

Leap loses 269K subs in Q3, promises improved customer experience

Cricket provider Leap Wireless lost 269,000 subscribers and saw its churn rise to 4.8 percent in the third quarter. However, the flat-rate carrier said it is taking concrete steps to improve the customer experience.

Leap CEO: 60% of our spectrum is not being used, and we're interested in network, spectrum sharing

Cricket provider Leap Wireless is in the midst of its LTE deployment. The carrier is working to catch up to its larger rivals by providing subscribers with the latest LTE phones and high-speed data services. Doug Hutcheson, president and CEO of Leap Wireless, spoke with  FierceWireless  Executive Editor Mike Dano about Leap's buildout, its spectrum position and its network access payments to Sprint Nextel.

Leap CEO: Prepaid iPhone 5 'moving very well'

Leap Wireless CEO Doug Hutcheson told  FierceWireless  that the prepaid carrier has been selling most of the iPhone 5 units it gets, and that it's unclear exactly how many of the gadgets the company will ultimately be able to sell.

Leap: We won't make $75M payment to Sprint for 2012 network access

After a disastrous second quarter, Cricket provider Leap Wireless said it will not make its $75 million minimum wholesale purchase commitment of network access from Sprint Nextel. "Due to certain provisions in the wholesale agreement, we do not believe the company is obligated to meet this commitment in 2012, although we expect to satisfy a significant majority of it in any event," said Leap CEO Doug Hutcheson. "Sprint has not agreed to our decision and we are in discussions with them."

Leap to expand LTE coverage to up to 65M POPs by 2014

Cricket provider Leap Wireless (NASDAQ:LEAP) plans to expand its LTE network coverage from 20-25 million POPs by the end of this year to 60-65 million POPs by the end of 2013 or early 2014, according

Leap to overhaul service pricing plans in 2nd half of 2012

During Cricket provider Leap Wireless' (NASDAQ:LEAP) first quarter earnings conference call, Leap CEO Doug Hutcheson announced the carrier will refresh its service pricing plans and its device