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Latest Headlines

FCC: Carriers, OTT providers should provide text-to-911 capabilities

The FCC is considering a rule that would require wireless carriers and providers of over-the-top messaging applications to provide text-to-911 service by the end of 2014. The FCC is seeking comment on that deadline. On Thursday, the FCC adopted a notice of proposed rulemaking on the issue. 

Verizon plows ahead on text-to-911, while AT&T 'resets' testing schedule

Verizon Wireless, Sprint, AT&T Mobility and T-Mobile US said they all continue to make progress in deploying services that will allow wireless customers to send text messages to 911 operators in place of voice calls. Of those three carriers, Verizon appears to be the furthest along in its efforts to launch the service by a May 15, 2014, deadline.

Some 911 operators aren't getting cell phone location data- who is to blame?

There is mounting evidence that a large and growing number of the nation's 911 operators aren't able to locate your cell phone when you call 911. This despite FCC rules dating way back to 2006 that wireless carriers need to provide 911 operators with the latitude and longitude coordinates, within 300 meters, of all mobile 911 callers.  What's the problem here?

Public safety experts debate next-gen 911 in wake of Oklahoma tornado devastation

LAS VEGAS--Just 24 hours after a tornado wreaked havoc on a suburb of Oklahoma City, public safety experts on a panel at the CTIA Wireless 2013 conference here talked about next-generation 911, the future of text-to-911 and other major public safety wireless issues.

FCC holds hearings on Hurricane Sandy's damage to wireless networks, seeks answers

The FCC conducted a pair of hearings Tuesday in New York City and Hoboken, N.J., to assess how communications networks failed in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy last fall and what should be done to prevent future network disruptions following severe storms.

AT&T, Verizon, others debate liability, funding for Next-Generation 911 service

As the nation's wireless carriers and messaging providers gear up to support text-to-911 service, they are also already staking out positions on a Next-Generation 911 service that could support a range of communication mechanisms including pictures, video and other IP-based communications.

iMessage, other OTT messaging providers to fall under FCC's text-to-911 rules

The FCC proposed yesterday that all wireless carriers and providers of over-the-top messaging applications like Apple's iMessage provide customers with tex-to-911 services. The proposed rule changes are part of an ongoing overhaul of the FCC's Next Generation 911 rules.

FCC explores whether Apple's iMessage should comply with text-to-911 service

Apple is in discussions with the FCC over how the commission's text-to-911 rules might affect over-the-top messaging applications like Apple's iMessage, according to an FCC filing made on behalf of Apple. Apple wants the FCC to more carefully specify which OTT applications should be included in the agency's rules for text-to-911.

Tier 1 carriers to launch nationwide text-to-911 service by mid-2014

The nation's Tier 1 wireless carriers agreed to offer nationwide text-to-911 services by May 15, 2014, with "major deployments" starting next year.

Carriers set to turn on emergency alert system

All major U.S. carriers will begin using a new emergency alert system later this month that wireless operators and federal agencies rallied around last year. "Wireless carriers representing more...