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Latest Headlines

LTE-based femtocell market catching fire, Infonetics says

The market for femtocells and enterprise small cells is picking up, driven in part by LTE deployments, and looks like it will remain strong through 2018, according to Infonetics Research. The report appears more bullish than forecasts recently released by Mobile Experts.

Gartner: Global server market shipments grew in 2013, but revenues declined

In the fourth quarter of 2013, worldwide server shipments grew 3.2 per cent year on year, while revenue declined 6.6 per cent from the fourth quarter of 2012, according to Gartner. In all of 2013,...

Small Cell Forum clears the path for enterprise deployments

The Small Cell Forum rolled out a new release designed to make it easier for mobile operators to deploy small cells within businesses. "Release Two: Enterprise" leverages group members' experiences and best practices from successful deployments.

SpiderCloud rolling out simultaneous 3G/LTE small cell

SpiderCloud Wireless is using a Broadcom WCDMA/LTE baseband system on chip to create a multimode small cell for the enterprise that can offer 3G and LTE services simultaneously.

Winning in the SMB market

Managed services for enterprises in the telecom space has traditionally been targeted at multinationals (MNCs), and not without good reason.

SME market offers Cloud opportunities

Small and medium-sized enterprises (businesses with less than 250 employees) represent almost 99% of all businesses worldwide, employ 1.5 billion people and in 2012 spent $203 billion on ICT serv

Cloud spending still small

Although the use of cloud services is growing faster than the overall enterprise IT market, it is still a small part of overall IT spending, a survey said.   According

Apple targets enterprises with iOS 7

Apple is due to laun

NEC, SpiderCloud tout small cell market trials with multiple carriers

Partners NEC Europe and SpiderCloud Wireless--claiming mobile operators are increasingly focused on using small cells to deliver in-building coverage and capacity for medium to large enterprises--announced they are engaged in "numerous" market trials with leading carriers across four continents.

Huawei bearish on carrier sales

The key takeaway at Huawei's analyst (and media) day last week is the company's acknowledgement that the heady days of double-digit growth for its carrier network biz (representing 73% of total rev