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Latest Headlines

Report: Ericsson's Telcordia beats Neustar for key number portability contract

The FCC has awarded a key government number portability contract to the Ericsson subsidiary Telcordia in a huge blow to Neustar despite security concerns by some in the intelligence community.

Ericsson shareholders reportedly looking to oust CEO Vestberg

Ericsson's two largest shareholders are reportedly pushing to oust CEO Hans Vestberg just one day after the company posted a 26 percent year-over-year drop in net sales during the second quarter.

Verizon: NG-PON2 could enhance FTTP installation, set stage for customer self-provisioning

Verizon said that NG-PON2, the next generation of PON technology, will make the installation process for fiber-to-the-premises in residences and businesses more efficient.

Jarich on Facebook's OpenCellular: Old shirt, new starch, fancy designer label?

Back at the start of the month, Facebook announced OpenCellular, its open-source radio access platform. It wasn't that difficult to see it coming. Yet, I'm not so sure that OpenCellular is going to have a massive impact on the market. It's not that I want it to fail. It's just that I feel like we've all been here before in some fundamental ways.

Ericsson shareholders lose patience with CEO Vestberg amid diminishing earnings

Ericsson's two largest shareholders declined to comment on reports that they want to oust Hans Vestberg as CEO of the Sweden-based telecoms equipment vendor.

Ericsson CEO: Almost all our products are already virtualized, but industry moving slowly to SDN, NFV

Although carriers including AT&T and Telefonica have boasted of their progress toward virtualized, software-defined networks, the overall wireless industry remains in the very early stages of this transition, said Ericsson CEO Hans Vestberg.

Carrier action on 5G happening 'much quicker than we thought,' Ericsson CEO says

Wireless carriers across the globe, including in the United States, are moving more quickly than expected toward 5G network technology, according to the CEO of Ericsson, the world's largest wireless equipment vendor.

Ericsson CEO confirms additional job cuts will affect U.S. workforce

Ericsson said it will continue to cut jobs after it posted an 11 percent year-over-year drop in net sales during the second quarter and a hefty 26 percent slide in net profit. And some of those jobs will be in the U.S.

Broadcom: LTE-U program proceeding faster than typical Wi-Fi Alliance plan

While the Wi-Fi Alliance has taken plenty of heat for not moving fast enough on the LTE-U/Wi-Fi Coexistence Test Plan, Broadcom is reminding FCC staff that indeed, the program is proceeding at a faster pace than the typical Wi-Fi Alliance program.

Zacks identifies risks to Ericsson's top line ahead of Q2 earnings announcement

Ericsson received a mixed second quarter earnings forecast from Zacks, which noted that the infrastructure vendor faced key challenges including rising restructuring costs and a drop in sales in key markets during the period.