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Latest Headlines

EE launches 300Mbps LTE-A network

Huawei and UK operator EE have launched what they claim is the world's fastest LTE-Advanced network, clocking in at peak speeds of 300 Mbps.   The network, which went liv

Report: UK LTE adoption dependent on price and performance

Fully 90 per cent of UK subscribers would not change from their current (non-LTE) service provider just for the promised benefits of higher downlink speeds from LTE, according to new research commissioned by Virgin Media Business.

AT&T reportedly considering buying a European wireless carrier

AT&T is hunting for merger and acquisition opportunities in the European wireless market, according to a  Wall Street Journal  report, betting it can roll out LTE technology there faster and make more money from new pricing schemes. The report, which cited unnamed sources familiar with the matter, said AT&T executives are debating the wisdom of such a move, but that the United Kingdom, Germany or the Netherlands might be potential markets to explore for a deal.

France Telecom: EE could IPO next year, as private equity interest climbs

France Telecom (FT) CEO Stephane Richard said the company is considering an initial public offering of EE next year, adding that "many" private equity firms have expressed interest in buying part of the UK operator, which FT jointly owns with Deutsche Telekom, according to Bloomberg.

LTE looks great, but can we fix 2G coverage first?

EE claims its LTE deployment will be the fastest rollout in UK history, with the aim of having 98 per cent of the UK's population covered with LTE by December 2014. However, from bitter experience I would contest these claims of high population coverage.

LTE's early benefits hindered by obstacles, according to Economist study

A new report from the Economist Intelligence Unit questions the benefits being heaped on the deployment of LTE in the UK. The study, published on the day EE launched the first UK LTE service in 11 cities, claims that the sky-high expectations surrounding the technology's early returns may have been overstated.

Vodafone takes swipe at EE's LTE network quality ahead of launch

Vodafone UK is spending £4.5 million on a high-profile advertising campaign touting the quality of its network ahead of EE's LTE launch this week.

EE exploits LTE leadership with higher prices

EE will become first UK operator to launch its LTE service when it lights up its 1800 MHz network Oct. 30 with coverage in 10 UK cities. The company aims to cover 20 million people by Christmas.

EverythingEverywhere 4G should be for all

Now is an exciting time for Everything Everywhere (EE) as the…operator works out how it can best ensure a

UK operators form JV to clear 800 MHz for rapid LTE launch

The four major UK operators have formed a joint venture to accelerate the launch of LTE services by pushing for the removal of TV channels from the 800 MHz band.