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Latest Headlines

Mozilla partners with Intex to bring $33 Firefox OS smartphone to India

Mozilla's announcement that it would bring to market a smartphone costing around $25 running the Firefox OS is coming to fruition. Intex Technologies released the Cloud FX smartphone as the first Firefox OS smartphone available in India, costing 1,999 rupees, or around $33.

Google's Android One initiative takes the fight to Microsoft, Mozilla in developing world

Microsoft, Mozilla, the Tizen Association and others are moving to lower-cost hardware in an effort to gain share in emerging markets. However, Google's Android One software and hardware reference design program could undercut those efforts by enhancing the Android experience on cheap devices in the developing world.

In affordable smartphones, Firefox OS shines but Nokia's X phone strategy is murky

One of the major themes I'm hearing here at the Mobile World Congress trade show is that handset makers across the board are focusing on affordable smartphones.

Mozilla sets sights on $25 smartphone with Firefox OS

Mozilla is partnering with Shanghai-based Spreadtrum to help drive down the costs of chipsets for smartphones and make the $25 price point a reality.  In addition, the company announced that its Firefox OS will expand to 12 more markets (on top of the existing 15 markets). Those new markets initially include Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Panama, Argentina and Ecuador. 

Sprint still backs Tizen as other carriers waver

Sprint is still backing the Tizen Association and just joined as a partner member, contrary to a recent report that the carrier had dropped its support for the fledgling operating system.

Mozilla forms group to make sure Firefox OS devices comply with open web standards

Mozilla joined with a wide range of partners to ensure that devices running the Firefox OS comply with open web standards, which sit at the heart of both Mozilla and the operating system.

Mozilla backs away from commercial U.S. launch of Firefox OS

Mozilla does not have current plans to bring commercial Firefox OS smartphones to the U.S. market, according to a senior Mozilla executive.

ZTE eyes wearable computing market, backs Windows Phone

ZTE is intensely interested in moving into the emerging device category of wearable computing, according to a senior ZTE executive.

Firefox OS-based ZTE Open sells out on eBay, but platform faces tough road

ZTE's Firefox-based Open smartphone has sold out in terms of sales to U.S. and U.K. consumers via eBay, but the sales volumes were relatively paltry and the platform faces challenges in gaining traction.

Mozilla dings Android for being too bloated to go after mass market

The first two phones running Mozilla's Firefox OS have just gone on sale, but already Mozilla is making its intentions plain: it wants to go after the mass market with the platform and believes it can do a better job than Google's Android at doing so. In part, that's because Mozilla thinks Android's latest software is too heavy for low-end hardware to run.