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Latest Headlines

Ford teams with Microsoft on cloud-based platform for over-the-air updates to connected cars

Around three months after Ford Motor Co. chose BlackBerry subsidiary QNX's technology to power its Sync 3 in-car technology platform, and not technology from longtime partner Microsoft, Ford is now returning to Microsoft. Ford has contracted with Microsoft for the software giant to deliver cloud-based wireless updates to its connected cars.

Ford dumps Microsoft for BlackBerry's QNX in Sync in-car platform

Ford Motor Co. took the wraps off the latest version of its in-car technology platform, Sync 3, and though it has a bevy of new features, one of the biggest changes is behind the scenes: the platform is powered by BlackBerry subsidiary QNX's technology and not Microsoft.

Report: BMW tops connected car rankings among automakers

Nearly every automaker in the world is getting into the connected-car market, yet it's difficult to gauge how robust a car maker's overall connected-car portfolio actually is. In a study sponsored by Vodafone, Machina Research found that BMW ranks first among all car makers for its connected-car lineup.

Ford's Mulally could be out of the running for Microsoft CEO spot

Ford Motor Co. CEO Alan Mulally will stay at the automaker through 2014, according to Ford board member Edsel Ford II, who reiterated the company's timetable. The announcement could mean that Mulally is now out of consideration to take the CEO spot at Microsoft once CEO Steve Ballmer steps down.

What can you actually do in a connected car?

Executives from wireless carriers have repeatedly said over the last few years that the connected car represents a massive new opportunity. AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson has been particularly vocal about the possibilities: "The way we think about the car is that it's just a big smartphone on wheels," Stephenson said earlier this year at Mobile World Congress. "The connected car will become just as routine as people carrying a smartphone."

Microsoft's Ballmer bids adieu as rumors continue to swirl about his successor

Outgoing Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer held his final meeting with employees on Thursday, in what was reportedly a highly emotional event for the executive, who is stepping down after three decades with the company. Meanwhile, rumors continue to circulate about Ballmer's potential successors.

Developers in the driver's seat at app-centric CES 2013

LAS VEGAS--The annual Consumer Electronics Show here is typically the hottest ticket of the year for gadget-hungry geeks to feast on the latest whiz-bang smartphones, tablets and "phablets." And while there are plenty of new gadgets to play with at the show this year, the discussions at press conferences, on the show floor and in keynote sessions are not so much about screen sizes and operating systems as they are about the services and applications that make those devices, and the networks that they use, so valuable to consumers.

Honda ties iPhones, Android phones into dashboard with HondaLink platform

Honda became the latest car maker to jump into the connected car market with its HondaLink infotainment platform. The platform, which is powered by telematics firm Harman International's Aha, works with Apple's iPhone and Google's Android operating system. 

Ford calls on wireless industry to help prevent global gridlock

BARCELONA, Spain--If you think your daily commute to work is already fraught with traffic, consider this: Today there are approximately 1 billion cars and 7 billion people in the world. By

How does Ford gets cars to wirelessly talk to each other?

Automakers and federal regulators are working on a project that will allow vehicles to communicate with each other via a Wi-Fi-style wireless network. The project could--at some point in the far