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Latest Headlines

Nokia licenses brand and IP for Foxconn-made N1 Android tablet

Nokia is jumping back into the consumer device market by licensing its brand to Foxconn to create a tablet called the N1 running Google's Android platform.

BlackBerry's Chen: We're not exiting the devices business

BlackBerry CEO John Chen said the company is not going to get out of the devices business, despite giving an interview in which he indicated that it might be a possibility.

BlackBerry sells 2.3M BB 7 devices, and just 1.1M BB10 phones, but CEO remains upbeat

BlackBerry CEO John Chen said he is feeling good about the company's turnaround prospects despite continued financial losses, sagging revenues and weaker smartphone shipments.

BlackBerry to focus on enterprise, releases 2 mid-range phones, the Z3 and Q20

BARCELONA, Spain--BlackBerry CEO John Chen officially unveiled the company's next two smartphones, a mid-range touchscreen phone called the Z3 and another mid-tier phone with a physical Qwerty keyboard called the Q20.

Microsoft adds Lenovo, LG, Foxconn to list of Windows Phone supporters

BARCELONA, Spain--Microsoft announced a number of new firms are planning to use its Windows Phone software, many of which were initially skeptical about the mobile OS. The announcement of new partners comes just ahead of Microsoft finalizing its $7.4 billion deal for the handset division of Nokia, the largest maker of Windows Phones.  

Foxconn reportedly working with Google's Andy Rubin on robotics

Foxconn is perhaps best known for assembling Apple iPhones and iPads, but according to the Wall Street Journal the company is also working with Apple rival Google on something out of the ordinary: robotics.

BlackBerry posts $4.4B loss, strikes deal with Foxconn

BlackBerry reported a massive $4.4 billion net loss for its fiscal third quarter, mainly as a result of $4.6 billion in charges. In addition, the  company forged a five-year manufacturing deal with Foxconn for the contract manufacturer to jointly develop and manufacture some of BlackBerry's new lower-end devices and manage the inventory associated with those devices.

Reports: HTC may outsource some handset manufacturing

HTC is considering outsourcing some of its handset manufacturing to outside contractors, according to multiple reports. Additionally, Reuters reported that HTC has halted at least one of its four main manufacturing lines, which accounts for at least a fifth of total capacity, as it looks to improve its cash flow amid declining sales.

Reports: Apple makes cut in iPhone 5c orders

Apple has told the two companies that assemble its iPhones to cut orders for its lower-priced iPhone 5c, according to multiple reports, which could signal weaker-than-expected demand for the device compared to the more expensive iPhone 5s.

Low-cost iPhone details revealed in report on labor conditions at Apple supplier

Apple's long-rumored low-cost iPhone appears to have been confirmed in a new report by advocacy group China Labor Watch, which took Apple supplier Pegatron to task for labor practices that include using underage workers, paying insufficient wages and forcing employees to work overtime.