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Latest Headlines

Cox Business serves up small cell solution for wireless operators

Cox Business is taking advantage of the emerging small cell opportunity with a new turnkey service that it says will enable wireless operators to deploy small cells to extend coverage and capacity.

Verizon to increase marketing for Go90 mobile video service ahead of Black Friday

Verizon plans to ramp up its marketing for its Go90 over-the-top mobile video service as Thanksgiving and Black Friday approach, according to Verizon executives. It's unclear how much Verizon plans to spend to market the service, but the carrier, which launched Go90 in early October, has been steadily increasing its marketing from grassroots efforts toward a mass media rollout timed to coincide with the holiday shopping season.

Verizon's Shammo throws cold water on licensing Dish's spectrum

Verizon Wireless does not feel a need to strike a deal with Dish Network, to get access to its mid-band wireless spectrum, according to a senior Verizon executive. The comments from Verizon Communications CFO Fran Shammo at an investor conference could cool speculation that a deal for Verizon to lease Dish's airwaves is imminent.

Verizon's Shammo says comments about enterprise business are baseless

Rumors about the sale of Verizon's remaining wireline and enterprise assets have emerged in recent days, but CFO Fran Shammo maintains that it plans to hold onto the assets.

Verizon expands its Capital Region data center by 60,000 square feet

Driven by a growing demand for cloud services from businesses and government agencies, Verizon has put the finishing touches on an expansion of its NAP for the Capital Region, the telco's Culpepper, Va., data center.

Verizon is running out of spectrum but could get escape hatch by leasing Dish's airwaves, analysts say

Verizon Wireless is going to run out of spectrum over the next few years but could get a lifeline if it strikes a spectrum leasing agreement with Dish Network, according to a report from analysts at New Street Research.

Verizon won't throttle speeds of customers who have hung onto unlimited data plans

Verizon Wireless customers who have managed to hang onto unlimited data plans will not see their speeds throttled even if they use large amounts of data, according to Verizon Communications CFO Fran Shammo.  

Verizon's Shammo: We'll have FiOS coverage in 70 percent of our East Coast footprint

Verizon may be selling off a sizeable piece of its wireline network base to Frontier, but the service provider will have a concentrated FTTH base allowing it to effectively compete with Altice when the France-based company completes its Cablevision acquisition.

Verizon adds 1.3M postpaid subs in Q3, sees jump in EIP adoption in shift away from smartphone subsidies

Verizon Wireless essentially held steady in the third quarter, reporting solid postpaid subscriber additions and boosting the number of postpaid phone customers it added in the second quarter. The carrier also saw increased adoption of its equipment installment plans (EIPs).

Verizon remains unwilling to bring FiOS to Boston despite city's permitting, regulations concessions

Boston may be willing to bend over backwards to give Verizon anything it needs to wire up the city with FTTH, but that plea fell on deaf ears as the telco recently told the City Council it won't bring the service to any new areas.