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Latest Headlines

NSA, GCHQ target 'leaky' apps to gather data on smartphone users, according to Snowden leak

The National Security Agency and its British counterpart, the Government Communications Headquarters, have been targeting smartphone applications as part of a years-long surveillance effort to gather data such as a smartphone users' locations and the unique identifying characteristics of their phones, according to documents leaked by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden.

Google coughing up $7M over Street View privacy violations

Google agreed to pay a $7 million fine in a multistate settlement regarding its unauthorized collection of data from unsecured Wi-Fi networks nationwide through Google's Street View vehicles.

Google's Maps app returns to Apple's iPhone

Nearly three months after Apple replaced Google's preloaded mapping services with its own Apple Maps platform, Google Maps is once again available to iOS device users, this time as a native application offered for download from the App Store.

Nokia Maps goes head-to-head against Android and iPhone

Nokia is taking the fight to Google and Apple with the launch a new mapping platform rebranded "Here," which it will make available to iPhone and Android users. The mapping and location platform is a cloud-based, platform-agnostic service that aggregates a variety of location-specific services for the user including maps, directions and local deals.

Apple's mapping fiasco is trivial, its future is not

The poor quality of Apple Maps app shouldn't be gaining the media traction it has.The real test for Apple and its executive team will be their ability to develop and launch products in the next few years that supersede the iPhone and iPad. A tough call, but a true measure.

Facebook, Maps revamp expected at Apple's WWDC today

Today marks the start of Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference, where the company is expected to announce the new features of its iOS 6 operating system as well as new laptops.

3UK: 97% of our network traffic is data

Hutchison's 3UK said that almost all the traffic on its network--fully 97 per cent--is now mobile data. The company also confirmed that the amount of smartphone data traffic flowing across its

Google's WiFi collection practices: A tangled web of deception?

Scott Cleland, president and founder of Precursor, spells out a tangled web of deception when it comes to Google's claims earlier this year that it mistakenly collected sensitive information from

Google's Street View cars done for good

Not surprisingly, Google has indicated it has no plans to resurrect its Street View cars to collect information about the location of WiFi networks after the search giant faced a number of privacy

Skype, Fring and the real cost of VoIP and video calling

VoIP calling firms Fring and Skype managed to entertain the tech industry for much of yesterday with an increasingly heated war of words: Fring accused Skype of blocking its iPhone 4 video calls,