Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

Windows Holographic and Google Daydream may be the future of app development

Both Microsoft and Google are making noise in the augmented reality/virtual reality market, and their recent moves may transform how mobile developers approach this sector.

Survey: Android Pay tops in small U.S. market for mobile payments

Android Pay is the most popular proximity mobile payments system in the U.S., according to fresh data from Walker Sands Communications. But the high-tech space remains a very small sliver of the overall payments market.

Wirecard, MyOrder launch shared mobile wallet app in the Netherlands

The Wirecard Group and MyOrder (a Rabobank company) sought to hammer another nail in the coffin of operator-led mobile payment services with the launch of the wireless equivalent of a shared kitty in the Netherlands.

Broadcast lobbyist: 'What Google wants, Google gets'

Google's increased lobbying influence in Washington, particularly in matters relating to telecom, is attracting attention. And lobbyists are starting to grumble a little more loudly these days.

Apple and Google to revise app revenue splits to boost subscriptions

Apple and Google are each revising their revenue-sharing models for mobile apps. And the shift is all about recurring revenues.

Google's Project Fi to add US Cellular to Partner Network

Google's Project Fi MVNO announced Wednesday that U.S. Cellular will be joining its Partner Network, allowing the service to shift users onto U.S. Cellular connections along with its other options.

Google's Test My Site tool measures speed and 'mobile friendliness'

Google launched a mobile website-testing tool in its latest effort to improve the user experience on the wireless web.

Google-backed WebRTC celebrates 5 years – and hundreds of projects

On this five-year anniversary of the open sourcing of WebRTC, it's worth noting some of the milestones the technology has achieved – and what it might achieve in applications like virtual reality.

IDC: iPhone shipments to slide 2% this year as worldwide smartphone market slows to a crawl

IDC predicted worldwide smartphone shipments will grow at a sluggish 3.1 percent clip in 2016, revising a previous forecast that had pegged the market to grow at 5.7 percent this year.

Google's revamped Firebase promises ongoing improved support

Remember Firebase, aka the backend-as-a-service (BaaS) provider that Google acquired in October 2014? Now, Firebase is expanding to become a "unified app platform for Android, iOS and mobile web development."