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Latest Headlines

Google Fiber extends Provo, Utah, fiber broadband sign-up through September

Google Fiber announced that it's going to extend the sign-up process for residents who want its fiber to the home (FTTH) service in Provo, Utah, through September.

Google contradicts Parks' Chromecast study, says usage is up

Studies about Chromecast's demise have been greatly exaggerated. That was Google's message last week at its I/O developer conference in San Francisco. As GigaOM reported Wednesday, the company used its keynote address to contradict a widely reported Parks Associates research note from last month that showed that usage of the Chromecast streaming dongle was down significantly.

Microsoft joins Qualcomm-backed connected home standards group

Qualcomm gained an ally in Microsoft in its efforts to develop common standards for connected home equipment, but faces a challenge convincing rival chip makers to follow its path.

BlackBerry's Chen knocks Android's beefed up security features

BlackBerry CEO John Chen said that Google's recently unveiled efforts to make its Android mobile platform more secure are essentially weak attempts to duplicate BlackBerry's existing security features for the enterprise market.

Google's Android One initiative takes the fight to Microsoft, Mozilla in developing world

Microsoft, Mozilla, the Tizen Association and others are moving to lower-cost hardware in an effort to gain share in emerging markets. However, Google's Android One software and hardware reference design program could undercut those efforts by enhancing the Android experience on cheap devices in the developing world.

Google aims for 'consistent user experience' in Android Wear, Auto and TV platforms

Google's new Android-based software platforms for wearable devices, cars and TV sets will all have software and user interfaces controlled by Google, and OEMs will not be able to create skins on top of them, according to a Google executive.

Android L's design: Do developers love it or loathe it?

There were at least a few Google I/O watchers on social media who liked what they saw with Android L.

Google: Commercial Project Tango tablet coming next year from LG

Google said that LG will begin selling a tablet next year that makes use of technology Google is developing in its Project Tango initiative, which promises to use mobile devices to quickly and easily make a 3D map of an indoor space. During its I/O developer conference, Google also offered a closer look at another of its high-concept smartphone efforts, Project Ara, which hopes to build modular smartphones. That project, however, is still clearly far from a commercial reality.

Google exec: There will be a new Nexus phone this fall with release of Android L

The head of Google's Nexus device program said that the company is not discontinuing its Nexus program, and said instead the company is planning to release a new Nexus device when it releases its new Android L operating system this fall.

UK leads apps development in Europe with revenue forecast at £4B in 2014

The UK is leading mobile apps development in Europe and is set to generate revenue of more than £4 billion (€5 billion/$6.8 billion) in 2014, according to a new study commissioned by Google.