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Latest Headlines

Report: Google to test drones in U.S. using LTE frequencies

Google has been testing its drone delivery program in U.S. airspace and plans further tests in rural California after striking a deal with NASA, according to a  Guardian  report.

YouTube to remain under Google brand, Wojcicki's leadership after reorg to Alphabet

Google's OTT juggernaut, YouTube, will remain a part of the company after the search engine giant reorganizes as a number of separate subsidiaries under a new holding company, Alphabet.

Google Fiber likely to rebrand after Alphabet reorg: report

Google's surprise, late-afternoon Monday announcement that it will reorganize under a new holding company dubbed Alphabet may have some interesting ramifications for Google Fiber, as well as home automation-focused company Nest.

Google's Pichai could shake up Android, but likely not at first

Google's decision to reorganize itself and split out its businesses under a parent company called Alphabet and to put Sundar Pichai in place as the new CEO of the core Google business could have long-term implications for Google's Android mobile operating system, but they likely won't be felt for a while.

Dropping the Google+ requirement for Android betas may be one of the most social things the company has ever done

It's the company that became famous for the term "perpetual beta," and while developers might not go that far, their comments on Twitter suggest they're thrilled with Google's decision to make it easier to offer private betas for Android apps.

Apple Pay struggles for traction among iPhone 6 users

Apple Pay-- the U.S. company's NFC-based mobile payment service-- is struggling to gain traction among iPhone 6 users, with the number of owners trying the service falling from 15 per cent in March to 13.1 per cent in June.

Google Fiber makes San Antonio its next 1 Gbps target

Google Fiber has named San Antonio as the next destination where it will bring its 1 Gbps-capable FTTH service, one of the largest cities in its growing service footprint.

Reports: LG Electronics, Huawei preparing latest in Google's Nexus smartphone range

LG Electronics and Huawei were tipped to be preparing the next two smartphones in Google's Nexus range, while the Chinese vendor is also reportedly on the verge of extending its own-brand smartphone range with a pair of new devices.

It's time for app developers to look past mobile interstitials

No one needed research data from Google to prove that interstitial ads on mobile devices-- or any devices really-- are both infuriating and ineffective.

Google Fiber gets green light to bring 1 Gig service to Tempe, Ariz.

Google Fiber has gotten permission to bring their 1 Gbps fiber-to-the-home service to Tempe, Ariz., as the city council voted to unanimously approve their agreement.