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Latest Headlines

CTO: Nokia working on 3.5 GHz products, possibly ready next year

Nokia Networks may have products ready for the 3.5 GHz band by next year, but the certification process will determine when the products actually go to market.

Googlers go behind the scenes of Project Loon

Two Googlers known as Nat and Lo are pursuing their "20% Project" to create and share videos of some of the things of interest inside Google, and one of their latest is about Project Loon.

CTIA: Cable industry engaged in 'spectrum-squatting' in heated LTE-U battle

The wireless industry and the cable industry are in the midst of a major battle over LTE-U technology and the future of Wi-Fi, and the rhetoric on each side is rapidly escalating. In the latest skirmish between the two, the wireless industry's trade group, CTIA, accused the cable industry's trade group of "unlicensed spectrum-squatting" and "preserving their own perceived incumbent status at the expense of consumers and innovation in the unlicensed ecosystem."

Android founder Andy Rubin may clash with Google if he returns to mobile

Android co-founder Andy Rubin is interested in returning to the phone business-- and the dominant mobile operating system he helped create-- after two years away from the market, according to a report in The Information.

YouTube hunts for streaming rights from Hollywood studios

Alphabet's YouTube is getting into the content rights market, reportedly meeting with Hollywood studios and other content owners to discuss licensing movies and TV series and to hear pitches for original content.

Google introduces data-saving feature for Chrome on Android

Google this week introduced a feature for its Chrome mobile browser that it claims can reduce data consumption on the web as much as 70 percent. Data Saver, as the feature is dubbed, omits most images when a page is loaded through a slow network connection. Users can tap the screen to display specific images or all of them, reducing load times as well as data charges.

Congrats, Google: Devs clearly love what they're hearing about Android Studio 2.0

It doesn't matter how big of a company you are, when you release a major new product, you hope customers will be happy. Suffice it to say, the developers in the Twitterverse are pretty excited about what Google has done with Android 2.0.

FCC names Mayer as enforcement bureau's chief technologist, signals emphasis on consumer protection

The FCC has tapped Jonathan Mayer to be the new chief technology of its Enforcement Bureau who will focus on investigating consumer issues related to telephone, TV and ISPs.

EE considers giving smartphone users tools to block mobile ads

EE CEO Olaf Swantee launched a strategic review into whether or not the mobile operator should allow its smartphone customers to restrict some forms of mobile advertising on their devices.

Google seeks temporary license for 27.9-28 GHz experiments

Once again, Google is asking the FCC for an experimental license so that it can conduct highly secretive experiments, this time in the 28 and 31 GHz bands, in northern California.