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What, Nokia worry? Google's G1 not a concern

Nokia has adopted the 'What, me worry?' attitude of Mad Magazine's Alfred E. Newman when it comes to Google's mightily hyped G1 Android-based mobile device which it introduced with T-Mobile this

Video: T-Mobile G1 Ad

Check out the new ad for the T-Mobile G1 designed by HTC running Google's Android.

Google, T-Mobile USA launch the G1 Android phone

The G1 has landed. At a slick press unveiling in New York this morning, Google and

Images: T-Mobile G1 Android handset + white version

Pics: T-Mobile G1 Android handset press conference

Check out our pictures from our live coverage of the launch of the T-Mobile G1. This is the first Android based handset to launch.

G1 Live blogging update: Google founders Page and Brin take stage

11:05 a.m. The G1 demonstration has started. A video is rolling to show the features of the phone. Here are some of the features: It has a touch screen. Photos can be framed and dropped. Any

Pic: Official T-Mobile G1 Android Phone

Check out this first image of the Google G1. More to come from our live coverage...

Live blogging: T-Mobile G1 Android handset launch

10:39 a.m. Cole Brodman, chief technology officer of T-Mobile USA has opened the event

Amazon MP3 music store bundled with T-Mobile's G1 Android phone

Just before the press conference today, the buzz cycle over the new T-Mobile G1 handset is already at full speed with Amazon.com dropping a press release about one of the phone's key features that

What's next for Android now that the Dream is a reality

T-Mobile USA will officially unveil the HTC Dream--the first phone powered by Google's fledgling Android mobile operating system--at a New York City press conference scheduled for Tuesday morning,