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Buyer Survey: Handsets just as important as carrier

More than one out of every two wireless shoppers believes the name on the device is just as important as the name of the carrier providing it--if not more so. A survey released by Google showed

Wal-Mart to sell T-Mobile G1 Android phone for $149

Wal-Mart will be selling the T-Mobile G1, the first phone running on Google's Android platform, starting Oct. 29, according to a Wal-Mart spokeswoman. The G1 will be available at about 550 Wal-Mart

Apple vs. Android: What developers need to know

Apple's iPhone and Google's Android have revolutionized the mobile application development and created many opportunities for developers. FierceMobileContent editor Jason Ankeny took an indepth look

Comparison shopping: Android Market vs. the App Store

Google's Android Market hasn't been open a full week, but already some application download patterns are suggesting how the OS will compare--and contrast--with Apple's rival App Store. In its first

G1 security flaw found, Google says it is fixed

Days after T-Mobile's G1, the first phone to run on Google's Android platform, became commercially available, security researchers found what they deemed a serious security flaw in the phone's

T-Mobile USA releases G1 software update

Now that the hype has subsided, T-Mobile USA's G1 is, in some sense, just another smartphone on the market. And like all smartphones, it has software updates. The website TmoNews is reporting that

T-Mobile USA officially launches the G1

And then there were none. The wait is over: T-Mobile USA officially launched the G1 Wednesday, the HTC-built phone powered by Google's Android platform. The phone went on sale at select T-Mobile

Could U.S. CTO help broadband cause?

Presidential candidate Barack Obama has warned his supporters not to get over-confident about his chances in the election, but that hasn't quieted the discussions about the figures who could play

After the G1, what's next for Android?

With T-Mobile's HTC-produced G1, the first handset based on Google's Android mobile operating system, scheduled to make its retail debut Wednesday, attention now turns to the next Android device.

Google confirms Android kill switch

With T-Mobile USA scheduled to release the HTC-produced G1--the first commercial handset based on