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Latest Headlines

Rumour Mill: Sept 23rd for T-Mobile Android launch

T-mobile is expected to announce an Android-based device later this month to coincide with a Google Developers Day planned for 23rd September in Germany. Insiders claim the launch has been dragged

Satellite: Google interested, Iridium busy

Google revealed its latest telecom passion this week--satellite telecom services. The Internet giant, along with several other companies, invested in O3b Networks, a new company that is looking to

Can the U.S. be the wireless innovation leader?

At conventions and trade shows companies often disparage the U.S. for being "behind the times" when it comes to wireless technology. Devices and applications that skyrocketed to popularity in Asia

Google's Chrome vision of the mobile web

The full scope of Google's mobile ambitions came into focus with last week's debut of the web services giant's new browser, dubbed Chrome. With its streamlined user interface, efficent search tools

SPOTLIGHT: YouTube increases market share

YouTube continued to widen its enormous lead in the online video space, claiming 49 percent of all online video views in July. Its eight closest competitors, like Yahoo!, AOL and Veoh, all lost

Google rolls out new products

Google continued its campaign to claim market share on every conceivable digital frontier Monday with two important product announcements. The Palo Alto giant--once simply a search giant--announced

Google announces Android Developer winners

Three months after whittling its Android Developers Challenge to 50

Google, Microsoft give the App Store a run for its money

From the minute Apple CEO Steve Jobs announced the computing giant's App Store virtual retail effort sold in excess of 60 million mobile application downloads in just its first month of existence,

Google names Android Developer Challenge winners

Three months

Companies step up push to license white-space spectrum

As companies such as Motorola, Google and Intel lobby the FCC for access to the unlicensed white-space spectrum a number of companies and organizations are making the argument that the spectrum