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Could U.S. CTO help broadband cause?

Presidential candidate Barack Obama has warned his supporters not to get over-confident about his chances in the election, but that hasn't quieted the discussions about the figures who could play

After the G1, what's next for Android?

With T-Mobile's HTC-produced G1, the first handset based on Google's Android mobile operating system, scheduled to make its retail debut Wednesday, attention now turns to the next Android device.

Google confirms Android kill switch

With T-Mobile USA scheduled to release the HTC-produced G1--the first commercial handset based on

G1 phones landing early

And then there were two. Two days ahead of T-Mobile USA's official launch of the G1, the rumors that have been swirling around whether T-Mobile customers who pre-ordered the device were receiving

Motorola: Android phone out in mid-2009

It is now no longer a secret that Motorola is developing an Android phone of their own built around social networking, and a few key details have been leaked about the phone, according to a report in

A year after the hype: Where is open access now?

It was at this time last year when the whole debate over wireless open access hit a fever pitch, and Verizon Wireless made big news when it said it was going to allow devices open access to its CDMA

Google has kill switch for Android apps

T-Mobile USA's G1, the first phone running on Google's Android software, has been billed as one of the few serious competitors to Apple's iPhone 3G in the smartphone space. It now stands side-by-side

Reviewing the G1- Interface, keyboard increase appeal

I've been testing T-Mobile's G1 by Google all week and I've been impressed with the device. I liked the physical keyboard that appears when you slide the screen up. I could type quickly and easily

Photos: T-Mobile's G1 Android Phone

Check out our photo unboxing of the T-Mobile G1- the first Google Android phone.

FCC set to vote on white-space issue Nov. 4

The FCC's Office of Engineering Technology (OET) released a report stating white-space devices with geolocation and sensing technologies could be used with some conditions without interference to