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Latest Headlines

Sprint's Xohm is ready to unwire Baltimore

Baltimore, a city that served as the gritty locale for HBO's underrated drama, "The Wire," is the first market to go live with Sprint Nextel's Xohm WiMAX broadband wireless service which, if it

Google looking to free handsets from carriers

Google is interested in producing a technology that will enable users to have an open mobile device that searches for cellular networks in range, much like WiFi devices currently sniff out hotspots,

Google's Page, allies express support for white space

Google co-founder Larry Page yesterday said 16,000 people have signed a Google-sponsored petition in support of using unlicensed white-space spectrum for broadband wireless. Page was speaking at an

What, Nokia worry? Google's G1 not a concern

Nokia has adopted the 'What, me worry?' attitude of Mad Magazine's Alfred E. Newman when it comes to Google's mightily hyped G1 Android-based mobile device which it introduced with T-Mobile this

Video: T-Mobile G1 Ad

Check out the new ad for the T-Mobile G1 designed by HTC running Google's Android.

Google, T-Mobile USA launch the G1 Android phone

The G1 has landed. At a slick press unveiling in New York this morning, Google and

Images: T-Mobile G1 Android handset + white version

Pics: T-Mobile G1 Android handset press conference

Check out our pictures from our live coverage of the launch of the T-Mobile G1. This is the first Android based handset to launch.

G1 Live blogging update: Google founders Page and Brin take stage

11:05 a.m. The G1 demonstration has started. A video is rolling to show the features of the phone. Here are some of the features: It has a touch screen. Photos can be framed and dropped. Any

Pic: Official T-Mobile G1 Android Phone

Check out this first image of the Google G1. More to come from our live coverage...