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Latest Headlines

Google names Android Developer Challenge winners

Three months

Companies step up push to license white-space spectrum

As companies such as Motorola, Google and Intel lobby the FCC for access to the unlicensed white-space spectrum a number of companies and organizations are making the argument that the spectrum

Suit against Veoh dismissed

Less than a week after another important online video court decision out of California, a U.S.

Google: No 'comprehensive' Bluetooth API in Android 1.0

Some developers are scratching their heads in the wake of Google's Android 0.9 SDK beta

Clearwire shareholders to get $1.62B worth of stock in new JV

Clearwire late last week said it would issue its shareholders about $1.62 billion worth of stock (based on Wednesday's share price) in its new wireless joint venture with Sprint's WiMAX business in

Report: Verizon close to mobile search deal with Google

According to a report in the Wall Street Journal, Verizon Communications is close to securing a deal with Google that would make the search-engine giant the default search provider on Verizon devices

The First Streaming Democratic Convention

TV networks, newspapers and magazines are all scrambling to forge a web presence for the highly anticipated nomination of Barack Obama at the Democratic National Convention Aug. 25 in Denver, and

Cox eyes $500 million wireless investment

Cable TV company Cox Communications already has committed $300 million at auction to acquire 700 Mhz wireless spectrum, and company president Patrick Esser said at the Progress and Freedom

Could white space become the next BPL debacle?

The white-space industry could either become the next WiFi market success or the next broadband over power line (BPL) debacle. And how the FCC handles its testing of white-space devices could make

Open networks, international flair at CTIA I.T.

The weakening economy may be impacting wireless firms around the world but CTIA COO Rob Mesirow says it's not stopping the CTIA Wireless I.T. & Entertainment show from drawing a crowd to San