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Latest Headlines

Google pledges $4.6B if 700 MHz is open

Google finally put its money where its mouth is, pledging to bid a minimum of $4.6 billion in the 700 MHz auction if the Federal Communications Commission agrees to set aside some spectrum for open

Google invests in femtocell company

Following its revelation that it's willing to bid up to $4.6 billion in the 700 MHz auction if the FCC stipulates open access for some frequencies, Google has invested an undisclosed amount in

Google glosses over auction in conference call

Google's CEO Eric Schmidt has sent a letter to the FCC stating its intent to participate in the 700MHz auction (by committing a minimum bid of $4.6 billion) if the FCC requires bidders to adopt four

Google glosses over spectrum plans in quarterly conference call

Google announced its second quarter's results and briefly addressed its interest in open access for the 700 MHz auction next year. Google's CEO Eric Schmidt said, "We've looked

Google gets serious about mobile search

Search giant Google is developing a new mobile search service to aid consumers seeking to purchase ringtones, games and related premium content. The Wall Street Journal, citing sources

iPhone a catalyst in open access debate

iPhone a catalyst in open access debate I wonder if AT&T ever pondered the fact that the iPhone could actually become a catalyst in this whole debate over open access in the 700 MHz band.

San Francisco's muni-WiFi still on hold

San Francisco's plans for a muni-WiFi network from Earthlink and Google remains on hold as the city's board of supervisors, the group that must approve the contract with Earthlink and Google, has

Google tests AdSense for mobile

After years of anticipation, Google is currently sending out invitation emails to some

After two years, San Francisco is closer to free WiFi

Two years after proposing a plan to unwire San Francisco with free muni-WiFi, Mayor Gavin Newsom may finally see the plan come to fruition, with some modifications. In May, Newsom voiced his

Google buys GrandCentral

Google announced today that it was acquiring voice communications company GrandCentral Communications for an undisclosed sum. GrandCentral offers a service that lets users integrate all of their