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Latest Headlines

T-Mobile USA allows more G1 pre-orders

Ahead of the Oct. 22 launch of the G1, the first phone powered by Google's Android software, T-Mobile USA is allowing customers to book pre-orders up until Oct. 21 for shipment at a later date,

MSN Video to roll out in South Korea

Microsoft has decided to challenge Google's YouTube Korea and South Korean local Pandora for market share in the growing South Korean online video market. Microsoft Korea will launch a beta version

HTC: up to 2 million Android phones sold by end of '09

HTC expects to sell between 1.5 million and 2 million phones powered by Google's Android

Live from WiMAX World: 133M WiMAX users by 2012

CHICAGO-- The U.S. economy may be in shambles but that didn't deter swarms of WiMAX proponents from converging in Chicago for the 5th Annual WiMAX World conference. During the opening session, WiMAX

China Mobile may launch Android phone

China Mobile may become the first Asian carrier to distribute a phone based on Google's Android software, according to numerous reports. Wired is reporting that China Mobile, which has over 410

Will delay close WinMo's window of opportunity?

So far, seven is anything but lucky for Microsoft. The software giant has revealed to partners it will be forced to delay the release of its Windows Mobile 7 OS until at least the second half of

Report: Motorola to develop Android phones

Motorola is reportedly betting that Google's Android operating system is going to be a money-maker. The firm has assembled a large team to work on developing handsets that will run on the OS,

Sprint's Xohm is ready to unwire Baltimore

Baltimore, a city that served as the gritty locale for HBO's underrated drama, "The Wire," is the first market to go live with Sprint Nextel's Xohm WiMAX broadband wireless service which, if it

Google looking to free handsets from carriers

Google is interested in producing a technology that will enable users to have an open mobile device that searches for cellular networks in range, much like WiFi devices currently sniff out hotspots,

Google's Page, allies express support for white space

Google co-founder Larry Page yesterday said 16,000 people have signed a Google-sponsored petition in support of using unlicensed white-space spectrum for broadband wireless. Page was speaking at an