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Latest Headlines

SPOTLIGHT: Microsoft opens cloud computing beta

Desktop software giant Microsoft is battling back against Google and more traditional service providers who have been touting Web-based cloud computing strategies for Enterprise customers. The

ALSO NOTED: Google Gears goes mobile; Jobs: Flash isn't good enough for iPhone; and much more...

> Google Gears goes mobile. Article > Mobile advertising recall and response rising.

QUICKLINKS: Microsoft settles up with Visto; Google again Opera's mobile search du jour;

> Microsoft settles up with Visto. FierceWireless > Google again Opera's mobile search du jour.

SPOTLIGHT: YouTube tests HD

YouTube has been quietly upping its quality, testing a HD version on selected clips. According VideoHelp.com if you add &fmt=6 or

T-Mobile's VC arm invests in femtocells

T-Mobile's venture arm has invested an undisclosed amount into the U.K.-based femtocell maker, Ubiquisys.

ALSO NOTED: Mozilla courts carriers; How low can unlimited go? and much more...

> Sprint's Simply Everything plan makes mobile data cheap but not free. How much lower should it go?

Senator blasts 700 MHz auction

It's time to put the cuckoo back into the clock. Sen. Mark Pryor (D-Ark.), a member of the highly influential Senate Commerce Committee,

ALSO NOTED: 3Com looks to save deal; Google revs UC engine; and much more...

> Stop asking 3Com what's next--it still wants to save its deal with Bain Capital and Huawei Technologies.

ALSO NOTED: Alltel's celebrity vmail; SMS delivery mess; and much more...

> Alltel offers voicemail MAX with celebrity greetings. Article > Sorting out

Video Coverage: Yahoo rejects Microsoft bid

Feb. 11- Yahoo Rejects Microsoft Office:> Feb. 14- Yahoo to team with Newscorp? Feb. 20- Yahoo to offer severance plans for employees Feb. 21- Microsoft to wage proxy fight