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Latest Headlines

New York Times: T-Mobile will be first with Android phone

The New York Times is reporting that T-Mobile USA will be the first operator to offer a mobile phone based on Google's Android platform. The newspaper, citing sources briefed on the company's plans,

Wireless customers stuck on hold; Does the App Store have a kill switch?

> J.D. Powers and Associates 2008 report on customer care found that wireless customers who call their provider when experiencing a problem are waiting on hold longer than in the past to speak

Pressure mounting in white space debate

Lobbyists are getting Capitol Hill involved in the white space debate. Earlier this week eight members of the House of Representatives sent a letter to FCC Chairman Kevin Martin asking the FCC to

Canadian regulators to rule on throttling by Oct. 31

The FCC moved to put an end to Internet throttling by ISPs when it issued a knuckle rap to Comcast over it's P2P traffic shaping. To

AT&T accuses New Clearwire players of doublespeak

AT&T has reiterated its opposition to the New Clearwire deal that involves a merger with Sprint's WiMAX business and cash infusion from Intel, Google and cable operators. The country's largest

Rumor mill: T-Mobile will presale HTC Dream Sept. 17

Another day, another HTC Dream rumor. Today the "unofficial" blog T-Mobile online is reporting that

HTC: Report of Android delay is not true

HTC is denying last week's

White space debate won't be resolved with field testing

If you thought the debate over white space spectrum was going to be settled through the field tests the FCC is conducting, think again. As field testing wraps up, we once again don't know who to

Clearwire posts Q2 loss, says Clearwire/Sprint merger on target

Clearwire said its losses increased in the second quarter to $199.1 million, or $1.21 per share, compared with a loss of $118.1 million, or 72 cents per share, in the second quarter 2007. Revenue

SPOTLIGHT: YouTube gets ad-mobbed

In an increased effort to recoup its $1.65 billion investment, Google recently increased the amount of ads running with video clips on YouTube players embedded in other websites. Most clips viewed