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Latest Headlines

Android's 20 percent solution

With the imminent release of Apple's iPhone 3G grabbing all the headlines, Google is doing its best to make sure its Android OS doesn't get lost in the shuffle. After

Clearwire expects 30 million subs by 2017

Clearwire executives told investors this morning that the "new" Clearwire will have 30 million customers and will generate $17.5 billion in annual revenue by 2017. Scott Richardson, Clearwire chief

Google: Android still on track for 2008 debut

Google maintains the first Android OS-powered handsets will hit the market before the end of 2008, publicly refuting reports to the contrary. Last week TheStreet.com, citing sources familiar with

Google demonstrates Android applications

Google publicly demonstrated its forthcoming Android mobile operating system Wednesday during its annual developer conference in San Francisco, touting the platform's mobile web services, mobile

Cuban: Bow to Google, Little Guys

Chronic blogger and Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban, trying to keep his mind away from professional basketball until next season, takes a deep dive into

Google to offer iPhone-like app store for Android

It appears Google plans to offer an iPhone-like application store for the Android platform, offering developers a central place to distribute applications on its open-source platform. Adroid

Comcast CEO offers insight on Clearwire investment

Comcast Chairman and CEO Brian Roberts shed a little more light on the company's reasons behind investing more than a billion in the new Clearwire. Comcast, TimeWarner, Sprint, Google and Intel

Google shows off Android UI

Google for the first time unveiled what could be a nearly completed version of its Android operating system, which includes a touch screen and tools that look a lot like Apple's iPhone. During its

Voyant inks $2M white-space device deal

The FCC isn't finished testing white space prototypes for possible interference but that isn't stopping a technology holding company from entering the market and inking a $2-million contract for the

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