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SPOTLIGHT: Location, location, location

Why would Google bid on offering San Francisco 300 Kbps free WiFi? Glenn Fleishman writes that the company is interested in providing location-specific searches and advertising. Such local

QUICKLINKS: Namco spins off mobile division; Nokia concept phone roundup; Much more...

Namco spins off mobile division. Release Nokia "concept phone"

Tantus to launch 500 free hotspots in Chicago

Privately held wireless provider Tantus Networks plans to launch over 500 free WiFi hotspots in downtown Chicago and surrounding areas. The service, named WiFlux, will be free to end users and

ALSO NOTED: Google partners with Wireless Facilities for SF WiFi bid; Nokia delays shipment of Internet tablet; and much more..

> Google partners with Wireless Facilities for San Francisco WiFi bid.

Free-hotspots.com offers free WiFi in London

While Google is mulling whether or not to offer free WiFi, Dublin-based Free-hotspot.com, launched only two weeks ago, is already offering free WiFi in 25 locations in London. The service is aimed

Muni-WiFi battle essentially over, incumbents lose

Remember the many stories we published last year about the not-always-honest campaign incumbent telcos launched against muni-WiFi? That effort consisted of paying obscure entities calling

Philly chooses EarthLink for citywide WiFi

On the heels of Google's San Francisco bid, Philadelphia picked EarthLink as the finalist to build its citywide WiFi network. EarthLink beat out rival Hewlett-Packard for the gig. The company

QUICKLINKS: EA Mobile CTO talks strategy; Cellular industry doesn't care about mobile data; Much more...

Analysis: Cellular industry doesn't care about mobile data. Blog Lincoln

Google offers free WiFi to San Francisco

Confirming one of the many rumors trailing the company, Google announced its proposal to provide San Francisco with free WiFi service. The company would provide an always-on connection speed of

SPOTLIGHT: free-hotspot.com plans free WiFi for Europe

free-hotspot.com announced their mission to team up with locations across Europe to provide free WiFi services. The start-up has signed on cafés, hotels, pubs, restaurants, retail centers