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Latest Headlines

Google: No plans to join LiMo

Even though Google's Android operating system and the Linux Mobile Foundation, or LiMo, have similar foundations and goals, Google said yesterday that it is not planning to join the growing number of

Qualcomm working on Android platform

Qualcomm confirmed that it is working on a mobile phone platform that will be based on the Android operating system. During an analyst conference in San Diego last week, Qualcomm executives said that

YouTube's Future

Love it or hate it, YouTube is here to stay. I've read a lot of speculation over the past couple of weeks about what Google may or may not do moving forward. In no particular order: Will Google

UK wants user generated content filtered

The U.K. government wants large web portals to pre-screen user generated content before it goes online, a task which is likely to drive YouTube crazy. A report from the House of Commons' Culture

BT acquires Ribbit for $105 million

U.K. telco BT said it has acquired Web voice platform company Ribbit, one of several companies that hard emerged in recent years to allow applications developers to create new VoIP-enabled Web

Google Video Disrespected

There's YouTube, and there's everything else. So why is Google still carrying around their own branded video site? More undiplomatically, "Why Won't Google Video Just Die?," wonders Wired's Betsy

AT&T, RCA oppose Clearwire-Sprint WiMAX tie-up

The proposed merger between Clearwire and Sprint Nextel's WiMAX business is coming under some scrutiny from the likes of AT&T and rural operators in filings with the FCC. AT&T, which has the

New NTT DoCoMo head grapples with competition

NTT DoCoMo is seeing smaller rivals such as Softbank erode the company's dominance in Japan as its market share is now 52 percent compared with nearly 60 percent in 2001. Operating profit continues

AT&T asks FCC to deny Sprint-Clearwire merger

AT&T has asked the FCC to deny the planned merger between Sprint Nextel and Clearwire. The operator, which has the largest subscriber base in the U.S., argued that the venture would eventually

Mad Mark Bashes Online Video (Again)

Mark Cuban is at it again, this time slamming YouTube lack for a business model, the Internet, and the "fraud" of HD. Interviewed by CableFAX, Cuban tees off on his favorite subjects. Broadband