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Latest Headlines

Rumour Mill: Will Google finance French WiMAX deployment?

Strenuous denials have come from all those said to be involved in deploying a nationwide WiMAX network in France. The suggested joint venture, which would involve funding from Google, was reported by

Google aims to bridge PC, TV with software

Google made barely a peep as it recently launched its new Google Media Server software, a solution that links PCs to TVs or TV consoles via home networks, but it could have significant impact on the

Google AdSense To Distribute MacFarlane Video Series

The buzz is swirling around details with Google's deal to distribute Seth MacFarlane's project though AdSense. MacFarlane, creator of "Family Guy" on Fox, is going to roll out "Seth MacFarlane's

Chad YouTube Dishes

YouTube CEO Chad Hurley was caught by NewTeeVee as he spoke about the history of his company. Initially, YouTube started out as an idea for videos for online auctions and a social networking scheme,

Wireless: it's complicated

It appears Google is learning a hard lesson about wireless--the cell phone industry is very complex and difficult to negotiate. Earlier this week the Wall Street Journal reported that the firm's

Clearwire looking for partnership deals in Europe

Clearwire CEO Ben Wolff said the company is in discussions with European companies to create partnerships similar to Clearwire's deal in the U.S. to help it build out mobile WiMAX across Europe,

Symbian goes open source-Nokia takes fight to Microsoft, Apple and Google

‘One of the biggest contributions to an open community ever made', was how Nokia's CEO, Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo, positioned the company's decision to buy out the other investors for €264

Nokia acquires remaining stake in Symbian

Nokia is buying the rest of software maker Symbian for $410 million. The company, which already has a 48 percent stake in Symbian, will purchase the remaining portion from other shareholders, which

Android launch delayed until 4Q

It seems as if Google is learning a hard lesson about wireless--the cell phone industry is very complex and difficult to negotiate. The WSJ reports that the firm's Android software suite will likely

Is the white-space idea up in flames?

Microsoft obviously is just a software company, and no more so has that been demonstrated than in the FCC white-space testing process. Evidently all of the prototype devices it submitted to the FCC