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More Google dish: Mobile OS, smartphones on tap

Google's much-discussed gPhone officially remains a rumor as of this writing, but BusinessWeek--citing a source intimately familiar with goings-on within the search giant--says the handset will

Giants tussle over office apps

Microsoft just announced one-click capability for Microsoft Windows Live customers to install Microsoft office applications over the Internet, one of the latest moves in the evolution of software as

QUICKLINKS: iPhone hacks for Windows users; Google files mobile payment patent;

> iPhone hacks for Windows users. FierceDeveloper Feature > Google files mobile payment patent.

Report: Apple interested in 700 MHz auction

According to a speculative BusinessWeek article, the iPhone maker is mulling whether or not it should participate in the upcoming 700 MHz auction next January. The

DoJ opposes net neutrality

Google can't seem to win one, and big telcos and cable TV companies can't seem to lose. After not getting what it wanted out of its campaign to change 700 MHz auction rules, Google's other pet

SPOTLIGHT: A gPhone drilldown

BusinessWeek has an interesting feature covering the various forms a Google-branded handset or mobile offering could take. Will it just be a mobile platform like a Symbian or Windows Mobile OS? And

Hacking your iPhone: Windows Users

Having the most sought after handset isn't enough for some mobile phone users. We need to make our phones our own, and if there is one phone

The origins of the Google phone

  The origins of the Google phone Just to be clear, there is no Google phone--not yet, anyway. Despite the persistent rumors, Google's top executives have never formally announced that a

Google Phone Facts

GigaOm has a scoop today on what we can expect from the Google phone when it hits shelves: The phone is said to be mobile Linux based with JAVA apps as well as multimedia file support. There will

Google's free spirit

  After months of rumors, Google is reportedly closing in on the worldwide launch of its branded handset, the so-called gPhone. Internet speculation went into overdrive during the holiday weekend,