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Latest Headlines

Google jumps into Bell Canada throttling fray

Search-engine titan Google is throwing its considerable weight behind opponents of Bell Canada's P2P throttling practices, saying Bell is breaking Canadian telecom law and adding, "The Internet is

Developers install Android on Nokia N810

With official Google-sanctioned devices operating on the Android OS still weeks or even months away, an enterprising member of the Internet Tablet Talk forum who goes by the username "penguinbait"

Comcast invests in mobile broadband firm

Comcast is making more inroads in mobile broadband. The cable firm made a seed-round investment in Littleton, Mass.-based startup Cartiza Networks, which is developing an IP-based content management

Japan-Russia undersea cable usage begins

Japan's NTT Communications and Russian backbone network operator TransTeleComCorporation announced that they have begun commercial operations today on the Hokkaido-Sakhalin Cable System (HSCS), and

Is Google interested in more WiMAX deals?

Is Google interested in pursuing deals with WiMAX operators outside of the U.S. to continue furthering its open Internet business model? Google, of course, is one of the investors in the new

Rumour Mill: Will Google finance French WiMAX deployment?

Strenuous denials have come from all those said to be involved in deploying a nationwide WiMAX network in France. The suggested joint venture, which would involve funding from Google, was reported by

Google aims to bridge PC, TV with software

Google made barely a peep as it recently launched its new Google Media Server software, a solution that links PCs to TVs or TV consoles via home networks, but it could have significant impact on the

Google AdSense To Distribute MacFarlane Video Series

The buzz is swirling around details with Google's deal to distribute Seth MacFarlane's project though AdSense. MacFarlane, creator of "Family Guy" on Fox, is going to roll out "Seth MacFarlane's

Chad YouTube Dishes

YouTube CEO Chad Hurley was caught by NewTeeVee as he spoke about the history of his company. Initially, YouTube started out as an idea for videos for online auctions and a social networking scheme,

Wireless: it's complicated

It appears Google is learning a hard lesson about wireless--the cell phone industry is very complex and difficult to negotiate. Earlier this week the Wall Street Journal reported that the firm's