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Latest Headlines

Muni WiFi: From sizzle to fizzle

Remember when municipal WiFi networks were all the rage? Every city had to have one, and companies such as Google, Earthlink, MetroFi and others were lining up to bid on the opportunity to build and

Google stops selling video

It's hard to sell something when everyone's giving it away, including you. Google is shutting down its pay and rental online video business, according to several reports. Google will continue to

White space concept goes back to the drawing board

The Federal Communications Commission really likes the "white space" concept--the notion of using unlicensed TV white space for WiFi services. That's why it has been quick to address the failure of

Microsoft: Second white space device works

As we reported last week, the FCC ruled that a prototype of a mobile device that runs on the white

FCC rejects unlicensed spectrum device

The FCC did not approve a "first-round prototype device" that Google, Microsoft and others have developed to run over unused TV spectrum, or white spaces. The companies want to broadcast high-speed

Feature: What Is Open Access?

By Andrew Seybold The FCC has issued its Report and Order for the 700-MHz auctions and to no one’s surprise, the biggest block of spectrum up for auction, 22 MHz, has the restriction that the

Google in handset talks with operators

Google refused to deny reports its long-rumored branded mobile device is nearing production--instead, the search giant released a statement confirming it is presently working with operators, content

FEATURE: What Is Open Access?

By Andrew Seybold The FCC has issued its Report and Order for the 700 MHz auctions and to no one's surprise,

Yahoo! plans to put video on Flickr

Yahoo! is not giving up in the video arena. Comments in the press made by Mike Folgner, general manager of Yahoo's video initiatives, indicate that Yahoo's photo-sharing site Flickr is being groomed

Japanese content community targets YouTube

YouTube is getting backlash from its regionalized launches in June in the form of criticism from content creators in Japan.