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Latest Headlines

Gmail Mobile available for BlackBerry

Gmail Mobile is an email viewer application that lets BlackBerry users access Gmail from their handhelds. Gmail Mobile lets users access their Gmail contact books, view mail and respond to mail,

ALSO NOTED: Trend: Mobile marketing almost ready for prime time; MCI returns to the black; and much more...

> Trend: Mobile marketing is ready to take off. Article > MCI reports first profit

AOL to buy mobile software firm Wildseed

America Online (AOL) today agreed to acquire mobile customization software company Wildseed for an undisclosed sum. Wildseed will be part of one of the AOL Wireless Group. Wildseed makes

Rumor Mill: Did Skype almost sell for $3B?

According to tech columnist Robert Cringely, Rupert Murdoch's News Corp. almost bought VoIP software and service provider Skype for $3 billion. Skype has supposedly been on the auction block

ALSO NOTED: More consumers willing to cut the cord; and much more...

> Trend: One third of adults with landline service say they want to cut the cord. Article > Venturi

ALSO NOTED: Rumor Mill: Will Martin reorganize the FCC?; Wi-Mesh Alliance ready to submit mesh networking proposal; and much mo

> Rumor Mill: Does FCC Chairman Kevin Martin plan to disband the FCC's Wireless Telecommunications Bureau?

QUICKLINKS: An interview with NIKITA; Gnutella P2P on Symbian handsets; Much more...

Russian mobile developer NIKITA talks about their new game. Interview Symella: A Gnutella P2P client for Symbian.

ALSO NOTED: FCC clears Alltel, Western Wireless deal; Qualcomm, Broadcom battle rages on; and much more...

> The FCC clears the Alltel, Western Wireless merger. Article > The Qualcomm, Broadcom

Pakistan first country to face Internet blackout

Editor's Corner: Mobile search continues to heat up

Mobile search is seen by many as the key to luring the mobile masses away from the carrier portal and out onto the Internet. So, understandably, there's quite a bit of competition among mobile