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Latest Headlines

Google Gears goes mobile

Google announced a mobile version of its Google Gears browser extension software, promising developers the tools for storing web application data on mobile devices. Initially released for Internet

FCC seeks input on "open access" enforcement

FCC Chairman Kevin Martin asked attendees at the Legal Futures Conference, an event held at Stanford University and co-sponsored by Google, for advice on how to enforce the open access provision on

Sprint's other business remains undercover

There are so many rumors and possibilities swirling around Sprint Nextel these days: Could Sprint spin off Nextel? Could Sprint Nextel stay together, but spin off the Xohm WiMAX business? Will

T-Mobile invests in femtocell maker

T-Mobile's venture arm has invested an undisclosed amount into the U.K.-based femtocell maker, Ubiquisys.

Google gives more color on Android vision

Google developer Dan Morrill shared some insight yesterday at the ETech conference on the company's vision for its newly released Android platform. Morrill said that Google does not view making money

T-Mobile's WiFi vs. femtocell dilemma

  T-Mobile's WiFi vs. femtocell dilemma Why is T-Mobile investing in a femtocell start-up, while its U.S. subsidiary offers a

SPOTLIGHT: Microsoft opens cloud computing beta

Desktop software giant Microsoft is battling back against Google and more traditional service providers who have been touting Web-based cloud computing strategies for Enterprise customers. The

ALSO NOTED: Google Gears goes mobile; Jobs: Flash isn't good enough for iPhone; and much more...

> Google Gears goes mobile. Article > Mobile advertising recall and response rising.

QUICKLINKS: Microsoft settles up with Visto; Google again Opera's mobile search du jour;

> Microsoft settles up with Visto. FierceWireless > Google again Opera's mobile search du jour.

SPOTLIGHT: YouTube tests HD

YouTube has been quietly upping its quality, testing a HD version on selected clips. According VideoHelp.com if you add &fmt=6 or