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ALSO NOTED: FCC clears Alltel, Western Wireless deal; Qualcomm, Broadcom battle rages on; and much more...

> The FCC clears the Alltel, Western Wireless merger. Article > The Qualcomm, Broadcom

Pakistan first country to face Internet blackout

Editor's Corner: Mobile search continues to heat up

Mobile search is seen by many as the key to luring the mobile masses away from the carrier portal and out onto the Internet. So, understandably, there's quite a bit of competition among mobile

ALSO NOTED: Broadcom sues Qualcomm; Should the US get tough on China?; and much more...

> Broadcom sues Qualcomm over patent infringement. Article > Trend:

ALSO NOTED: HTC launches first 3G handheld with Windows Mobile 5.0; and much more...

> HTC launches the first 3G handheld using Windows Mobile 5.0. Article >

QUICKLINKS: Bill Gates doesn't get mobile; Is Nokia regaining its swagger?; Much more...;

Russel Beattie: Bill Gates doesn't get mobile (and that's a good thing!) Blog Is Nokia regaining its swagger?

ALSO NOTED: Rumor Mill: Will Apple exit iPod hardware biz?; Cingular to spend $500M on Fla. network; and much more...

> San Francisco's Castro neighborhood launches free WiFi. Release > Rumor Mill: Will Apple exit