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Expect major mobile innovations: Google

Google's mobile plans " Mobile, mobile, mobile," Google CEO Eric Schmidt told

Rumor Mill: Google looking for mobile experts

According to a report on Unstrung, Google's rumored mobile phone could see a launch in the foreseeable future, since the company is on the prowl for workers to help it with "a new

SPOTLIGHT: AT&T launches global smartphone and PDA plans

AT&T announced new global rate plans for smartphone and PDA users who travel abroad. The plans range from $44.99 to $69.99 a month, depending on device class and email platform. They include

Corrected: Nothing travels swifter...

Nothing travels swifter... The tech industry, and wireless industry in particular, loves rumors. Today's issue boasts three of them: our number four story about Dell maybe

QUICKLINKS: Steve Jobs iPhone blunder; J2ME Twitter app;

Nokia Video Manager: copies and transcodes videos for mobile. Website Twitlet: a J2ME Mobile Twitter application.

TellMe/Microsoft offers free mobile 411

Last week Google launched a free, voice-enabled 411 service that aimed to compete with legacy services and the budding mobile local search sector. Now, TellMe, which Microsoft is in the process of

Google's voice search service

Google quietly launched 800-Goog-411, a free voice-based directory search service that can recognize speech and read results over the phone or

Google quietly launches "Voice Local Search"

Google has experimentally launched a new directory assistance service that makes use of voice recognition for traditional 411 services. The news is of particular interest given the timing: Google

QUICKLINKS: Build your own MVNO; Nokia N95 versus HTC P3300

Build your own Verizon MVNO with Sonopia. FierceWireless Review: Nokia N95 versus the

ALSO NOTED: Qualcomm-Nokia "Armageddon"; Moto's highest mobile call; and much more...

> Qualcomm CEO Paul Jacobs says he hopes to avoid "Armageddon" in a week's time, when an all-out patent war could break out between Qualcomm and Nokia.