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Latest Headlines

BT invests in FON

BT has invested in Spanish wireless startup FON, which aims to blanket the world in free WiFi hotspots. Now, BT's more than 3 million Total Broadband customers will be able to join the FON WiFi

Who's got next at Sprint Nextel?

Sprint Nextel reportedly is looking to replace current CEO Gary Forsee. The Wall Street Journal and other media have reported on speculations about who's got game, with industry stalwarts like Dan

Google: Verizon thinks open access won't apply

In a recent blog post about telecom regulation, Google has lambasted Verizon Wireless' latest

BT invests in FON

We reported this as a rumor in March: Now, it's fact: BT has invested in Spanish wireless startup FON,

Blurring the line between IT and entertainment

It's getting harder than ever to separate the software developers from the content providers. Consider the headline-grabbing events of recent weeks: Nokia introducing Ovi, a new Internet services

Just how new is the new Nokia?

  Nokia's extreme makeover forges on. On Monday, the company announced its biggest acquisition to date, purchasing navigation software developer Navteq for $8.1 billion and continuing (but almost

Palm gets small with Centro smartphone

Palm and Sprint introduced the Centro smart device, the first new Treo design issued in the U.S. market in several years and the smallest Palm smartphone to date. Featuring voice, text, IM, e-mail,

ALSO NOTED: German operators feeling the pinch; Vendors ogle Google wireless possibilities; and more...

> Margins tighten for carriers in Germany's increasingly competitive wireless market.

Developers at work on Google gPhone applications

Still waiting on official confirmation on Google's much-rumored gPhone handset, but BusinessWeek checks in with insider dish that mobile software firms are reportedly developing services and tools

Google wants more fiber

Google reportedly wants to build--or help someone else build--an undersea fiber cable in the Pacific Ocean to handle growing Internet traffic demands between the East and West. A consortium that