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Latest Headlines

Sprint: WiMAX ready in Baltimore, Washington D.C.

Sprint Nextel and Samsung Electronics announced that WiMAX services in Washington D.C. and Baltimore have completed the testing phase successfully and are now ready to launch commercially. The

Motorola submits new white space device to FCC

Amid the brouhaha over potential interference with wireless microphones and digital television signals in the white-space band, Motorola has presented the Federal Communications Commission with an

Clearwire's losses nearly double, but do the numbers matter?

Clearwire posted a first quarter loss that was nearly double its year-ago loss because of increasing network buildout costs. The $176.4 million loss is close to twice last year's $92.6 million

Verizon Wireless spurns Android for LiMo

Verizon Wireless announced its membership in the LiMo Foundation open handset consortium, committing to introduce across its handset lineup devices based on the group's mobile Linux operating

On the Hot Seat with Bluepulse's Christopher Nguyen

It's not often that a senior executive at Google steps down from his post to head a new startup but that's exactly what Christopher Nguyen, former engineering director of Google, did when he

Google Android: A Glimpse at some of the Top 50 Apps

Here are a few screenshots from some of the applications named in Google Android's Top 50 Apps. (Not all the top 50 have websites or screenshots available, but here is a sample of what we might get

Winners of Google's Android Developer Challenge

Google announced the 50 winning applications for its Android Developer Challenge. The first round ended with 50 applications, earning their developers $25,000 each. Of the 50, only 46 chose to have

Google unveils top 50 Android applications

While handsets that will make use of Google's Android OS are still in the development stages, Google has given the industry a clue as to what these phones will support today by announcing the 50

U.S. Online Video Up 13 Percent, YouTube Still Top

ComScore has released March 2008 from its Video Metrix service, with U.S. Internet users viewing 11.5 billion online videos during the month. It’s a 13

Verizon to add LiMo's Linux OS devices

Verizon Wireless is reportedly poised to introduce a suite of handsets based on the LiMo Foundation's mobile Linux OS as the operator forges ahead on its