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Latest Headlines

SPOTLIGHT: How to skirt extra mobile-phone charges

I'm sure mobile operators are wild about this article in the New York Times, which tells readers how to avoid additional charges associated with services such as 411 and driving

Verizon to stream YouTube videos

Verizon has signed a deal with Google to provide YouTube videos to V-Cast subscribers. I guess it was only a matter of time. The only question is how long before

Verizon Wireless makes deal with YouTube

YouTube and Verizon Wireless officially announced a deal that gives Verizon Wireless a

MercuryXMS powers mobile Google Video demo

To show off the capabilities of MercuryXMX's mobile video APIs, BusinesSMS has a created

QUICKLINKS: Rumor: Infospace may sell games division; Flickr launches new mobile site; Much more...

Rumor: Infospace may sell games division. Blog Flickr launches new mobile site.

Battle looms over SF muni-WiFi ownership

True to form, the San Francisco muni-WiFi saga continues, and since this is a new week, there new twists and

SPOTLIGHT: Google losing ground in mobile search?

GigaOM asks the pertinent question: Where is Google? Microsoft is teeing up deals with major carriers like Sprint, while Yahoo and Vodafone are forging strategic alliances. Google's five most recent

Helio launches Drift with LBS

Helio has launched a new phone, the

QUICKLINKS: Latest FCC spectrum auction may get ugly; Google adds GPS support to mobile maps; Much more...

Latest FCC spectrum auction may get ugly. FierceWireless Finally: Google adds GPS support to mobile mapping

Google: Mobile phones should be free

At the Web 2.0 conference in New York, Google CEO Eric Schmidt told reporters that mobile phones should be free: "It just makes sense that subsidies should increase" as advertising rises on mobile