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Latest Headlines

Carriers snub search giants for mobile search

Large phone companies like Verizon and AT&T never cashed in on the proliferation of search and advertising on the Internet, because big online players like Google and Yahoo had the market

Motorola to embed Yahoo in phones

Motorola made a deal with Yahoo to embed Yahoo mobile services into millions of its phones. Motorola has agreed to host Yahoo's Go for Mobile applications on its mid- and high-range handsets.

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Intel sells off XScale/Mobile processor unit to Marvell for $600M. Article Report: MapQuest, Weather

Trend: Cities look for free muni-WiFi

The muni-wireless market is just a few years old, but it looks like municipalities are starting to shake it up by pursuing free wireless service supported solely by advertising. According to a

Google counters privacy concerns about its WiFi

Google believes in the one-two approach. First, it will begin a phased roll out of a free wireless Internet access service in its home town of Mountain View, California, this summer. Second, while

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> Eminem settles his ringtone lawsuit with Cellus USA. Article > KTF selects Aicent for MMS.

Accton to manufacture gear for FON

Maybe FON is not today's version of the 1960s, but still, there is something about its concept of sharing that brings the good old days of the 1960s communes to mind. Not that purely capitalist

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Mobile music worth $7.7B in 2010. Article DoCoMo mandates GSM on new phones.

Google making mobile-phone inroads in Asia

China's largest mobile operator, China Mobile (Hong Kong), said it's in discussions with with Google to launch an Internet search engine for mobile services in China. The talks sound like they are

Google, Nokia bet on muni-WiFi

Mark Twain said, "Find out where the people are going and get there first." This is precisely what Google and Nokia are doing. Today the two companies launch a version of Nokia's handheld Internet