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Latest Headlines

The dark side of muni-WiFi

At times we should look a gift horse in the mouth. There is a rush of municipalities across the U.S. and Europe looking to develop free or low-cost WiFi zones. The goal is to provide the residents

QUICKLINKS: T-Mobile brings Opera Mini to Europe; Origami's future: doorstop; Much more...

T-Mobile to offer Opera Mini in Europe. Article Origami's future: Doorstop.

SPOTLIGHT: The WiFi revolution

OK, so perhaps it is not as historically significant as the French Revolution, but it is still an important revolution. We are talking about the WiFi revolution, and Red Herring, the weekly

SPOTLIGHT: Google reiterates desire for mobile search

Google is reiterating its desire to allow mobile users to have one-click access to Google services on the phone. The popular search engine says that T-Mobile in Europe saw a higher rate of usage

Sony Ericsson to bundle Google's Blogger.com

Sony Ericsson has signed a deal with Google to pre-install tools for Blogger.com on its new handsets. Users will be able to post pictures and

FEATURE: Roam wasn't built in a day

Roam wasn't built in a day iPass CEO Ken Denman argues that muni-WiFi deployments to sync up as an ecosystem of hotspots before they can gain the support of

ALSO NOTED: EarthLink, Google combine proposal for SF muni-WiFi network; Trend: 16% of U.S. customers have 2 phones; and much m

> EarthLink and Google have combined their proposals to build a muni-WiFi network in San Francisco. Article >

Live from 3GSM: The rumor mill is churning

The rumor mill is churning out expected encounters, with droves of bankers walking the exhibit floor here in Barcelona as well as plenty of M&A that should shake out in the aftermath. Despite

Study: Dramatic change for future of TV

A recent study from the IBM Institute for Business Value, called the "Future of Television 2012," found disrupting trends such as DVRs, shifting ad revenues and new content channels will change

SPOTLIGHT: IPTV name games

In what is perhaps a sure sign the battle lines are drawn, a new acronym is borne out of Web portals like Google and Yahoo!'s recent foray into video over IP. Some are calling it TV over IP, or