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ALSO NOTED: Vlingo on Sprint, AT&T; Moto's rollable screen; and much more...

> Vlingo working with Sprint and AT&T. Article > Mobile World Economic Forum debates the future of wireless

700 MHz auction: D Block languishing

After the third round of bidding, the FCC's 700 MHz auction has raised more than $3.2 billion in provisionally winning bids, which marks a $424 million spike in bidding since the last round. The C

Google asks FCC to ignore Sprint, T-Mobile

Google has asked the Federal Communications Commission to disregard requests from Sprint Nextel and T-Mobile to make white-space spectrum licensed spectrum for mobile backhaul services. Earlier this

FCC begins second round of white-space testing

During its open meeting last week, the FCC announced its schedule for testing four new devices designed to operate in white-space spectrum--those airwaves that sit between broadcasters'

Google, Philips, Moto submit white space devices

During its open meeting yesterday the FCC announced its schedule for testing four new devices that are designed to run on the white spaces of spectrum that sits between broadcasters' DTV airwaves.

The difficulties surrounding the D Block

  The difficulties surrounding the D Block Frontline Wireless announced last week that it was "closed for

Economy could hurt 700 MHz auction

Will the 700 MHz auction be as big of a windfall for the federal government as what continues to be touted? Dubbed as the last of the beach-front property when it comes to spectrum availability in

Helio launches Samsung Mysto Slider

Helio launched an English-version of the Mysto Slider nationwide. The phone, which was soft launched last month in a

FCC releases final 700 MHz bidder list

The FCC released the final list of qualified bidders for the 700 MHz auction that included 214 applicants, up from the 170 qualified bidders from the original list. The FCC designated these

Clearwire makes deal with Google for WiMAX apps

In a deal that echoes a move by one-time WiMAX partner Sprint, Clearwire has tapped