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> Commentary: Sprint-Google could put AT&T in headlock.

Verizon compromises with Google on "any device"

AT&T has already made nice with the "open access" coalition and the FCC by announcing it's ability to live with FCC chairman Kevin Martin's proposed auction rules, but until now,

Sprint inks deal with Google for WiMAX network

Sprint has inked a deal with Google to bring its future WiMAX mobile Internet customers applications like search, interactive communications and social networking. The aim of the deal is to bring

YouTube and CNN virtualize presidential debates

Just shy of 3,000 people submitted video questions to YouTube for the Democratic presidential debate last night in Charleston, SC. The collaboration between

Enterprise YouTube planned for Google Apps

Google is taking the YouTube model into the realm of corporate video. An enterprise version of YouTube is in the works, according to several reports. It would seem to be considered a more interesting

Google finally putting its money where its mouth is

  Google finally putting its money where its mouth is Google ended speculation over whether it will bid in the upcoming 700 MHz auction. The company is pledging to bid a minimum of $4.6

Google pledges $4.6B if 700 MHz is open

Google finally put its money where its mouth is, pledging to bid a minimum of $4.6 billion in the 700 MHz auction if the Federal Communications Commission agrees to set aside some spectrum for open

Google invests in femtocell company

Following its revelation that it's willing to bid up to $4.6 billion in the 700 MHz auction if the FCC stipulates open access for some frequencies, Google has invested an undisclosed amount in

Google glosses over auction in conference call

Google's CEO Eric Schmidt has sent a letter to the FCC stating its intent to participate in the 700MHz auction (by committing a minimum bid of $4.6 billion) if the FCC requires bidders to adopt four

Google glosses over spectrum plans in quarterly conference call

Google announced its second quarter's results and briefly addressed its interest in open access for the 700 MHz auction next year. Google's CEO Eric Schmidt said, "We've looked