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ALSO NOTED: M2Z gets rejected; Five gPhone facts; and much more...

> M2Z's free WiFi plans quashed by FCC's decision to not give the company an exclusive license to build such a network.

Rumor Mill: Microsoft wants to buy RIM

According to widespread rumors, Microsoft is interested in buying BlackBerry maker, Research In Motion, which is an old, tired rumor that won't seem to go away. Many reports speculate that the fever

ALSO NOTED: Certicell milks unlocked iPhone hype; gPhone roundup; and much more...

> Amdocs' QPass digital commerce unit has processed more than $2.5 billion in transactions.

Frontline made more calls and visits to FCC

While Frontline Wireless does not have the lobbying spend of most wireless carriers, the company did make more

Samsung to lead N.Y. WiMAX build-out for Sprint

Sprint has announced that Samsung will lead the build-out of its New York WiMAX market, making the vendor responsible for the manufacture and installation of radio access equipment, chipsets and

All the carriers' lobbyists

  All the carriers' lobbyists Between the ITC ban on Qualcomm's chipsets and the "open access" debate for the upcoming 700 MHz auction, regulatory issues were top of mind for wireless

Google to launch gPhone in September

Google is reportedly closing in on the worldwide launch of its much-rumored branded handset, the so-called gPhone. According to Business Standard, the search giant is currently in discussions with

YouTube blasted for neo-Nazi clips

YouTube is taking heat from German Jewish groups enraged over Nazi content posted on the video hosting website, according to reports coming out of Frankfurt and Berlin. The offending videos are said

vTap to unseat YouTube on iPhones

Now that the iPhone's been unlocked, the proverbial door is open to all comers, including a mobile

Google gives back bucks

When Google Video was shut down nearly two weeks ago, the Silicon Valley search giant said it would give stranded customers store credits at affiliated e-tail sites instead of refunds. That did not