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I'm thinking of a number between $1.65 billion and Google's current stock price... You guessed it--that's the

Microsoft, Yahoo launch mobile ad programs

Following Google's lead, Microsoft and Yahoo have each announced new mobile advertising

Leap Wireless shares soar after announcement

Last Thursday, Leap Wireless said it will not have to raise additional venture funding to deploy its new services using its recently won AWS spectrum licenses. Over the next two years the small

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> More reports on the "screaming phone" security system, now in the U.K. Article > Techdirt quietly wonders in choked

ALSO NOTED: Linksys launches 802.11n in India; WiFi comes to trains in FL; and much more...

> Linksys launches 802.11n in India. Report > Florida's TriRail is testing WiFi for passengers.

Editor's Corner

Apple and Amazon have brought the issue to a head: It's time to decide whether Internet television is IPTV. There's a heated discussion going on over at Wikipedia--looks like the Wikipedians want to

SF metro-WiFi project stalls

Five months after Google and EarthLink won a headline-grabbing contract to install a city-wide WiFi network in San Francisco, nothing much has changed. Chris Sacca, who is in charge of Google's

Google slips into U.S. mobile marketing arena

Without much fanfare, Google has entered the mobile marketing arena by allowing AdWords customers to insert marketing messages, such as clickable links, in listings retrieved through Google's

AT&T in Springfield metro-WiFi deal

The venerable AT&T has seen better days, so it is gratifying to note a success for the company: Springfield, Illinois, the city which gave us Abraham Lincoln, will likely select AT&T to

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U.S. wireless data market mid-2006 update: charts, graphs and statistics. Blog Opinion: Google will