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Latest Headlines

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Skype and Netgear partner for VoIP phone. Blog Gizmo versus Skype.

CES: Motorola puts Google on handsets

Motorola announced that many of its future handsets will offer access to Google's search technology at the touch of a single button. The officialese is that the companies want to encourage mobile

Can municipal WiFi deliver what the politicians promise?

Muni-WiFi launched the public versus private debate, brought concerns over QoS and basically scared the pants off of ISPs. City governments reached into their Homeland Security coffers and asked

Editor's Corner

As is always the case at the end of the year, it seems like so much is about to happen. So many trends were on the verge of making good for 2005 but managed to slip away with certain promises come

Google launches Mobile GMail

Google has finally launched a WAP/XHTML version of GMail, its popular Webmail service. Mobile GMail has a clean, simple interface (some would say too simple) and does not

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New Orleans claims BellSouth withdrew donation over muni-WiFi plan. Article Microsoft, Yahoo! and

C&L: SR Telecom appoints new vice chairman

SR Telecom named Paul Griswold as vice chairman of the board of directors and secretary. Agere Systems named Ruediger Stroh as executive VP and general manager of

Google to build WiFi hotzone

Google has submitted a bid to build a WiFi network in San Francisco, but as it waits that city's decision, the search engine company is planning to build a WiFi network in its own

Editor's Corner: Yahoo!, Google announce new mobile services

According to a report (sub. req.) in The Wall Street Journal, Yahoo! will launch a

ALSO NOTED: Carriers, ISPs seek to control users' bandwidth; Pelosi seeks investigation into Foxcom Wireless;and much more...

> Carriers and ISPs look to control subscribers use of bandwith. Article > Pelosi seeks