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Latest Headlines

Google asks last minute auction questions

As the deadline for bidders in the upcoming 700 MHz spectrum auction approaches on Monday, Google asked the FCC for a few clarifications on the bidding process, the special rules for the spectrum

AT&T's Ralph de la Vega: My biggest pet peeve

AT&T Mobility CEO Ralph de la Vega had an interview with Engadget where he discusses everything from buying contract-free handsets from carriers to the iPhone deal to Google's Open Handset

SPOTLIGHT: Verizon Wireless pledges open access

Verizon Wireless announced today it will offer access from any device to any application by the end of next year, marking the end of the company's "walled garden" approach to mobile devices and

Analysys: Many femtocell business cases flawed

A new study from Analysys says operators are considering widespread deployment of femtocells as early as next year, and a large-scale deployment of the indoor base stations carries significant risks.

Google faces a developer challenge of its own

Following a keynote appearance at last week's NewTeeVee conference in San Francisco, AT&T's wireless chief Ralph de la Vega said in an interview that the operator has talked with Google about

A go-it-alone 700 MHz strategy a silly dream for Google

I had a dream that Google took over the world. I was drinking Google soda, brushing my teeth with Google toothpaste, glancing at my Google-branded watch and of course talking on my Google phone.

AT&T: Not worried about Google Wireless

According to an interview GigaOM had with AT&T Mobility chief Ralph de la Vega, AT&T is not worried about the prospect of Google as a carrier should it win spectrum in the upcoming 700 MHz

SPOTLIGHT: Is Google building 10 Gig E gear?

Many telecom industry observers believe Google will have a hard time making the transition from search engine giant to network operator. Could the transition to equipment maker be any easier?

U.N. to open up television spectrum worldwide

The U.N. decided to give carriers access to bandwidth reserved for terrestrial television broadcasts, which could pave the way for a truly converging 4G platform in the world in 2015. The U.S. was

SPOTLIGHT: Google may go it alone on 700 MHz bid

According to a report in the Wall Street Journal, Google may not seek partners to bid on a slice of spectrum in the 700 MHz auction in January. The report claims that Google is serious about