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Latest Headlines

Motorola invests in multiple mobile OS technology

Motorola has joined previous investors Intel, Cisco and Texas Instruments by backing virtualization start-up VirtualLogix, which enables handset makers to use two operating systems on one handset.

Nikon, Panasonic announce WiFi-enabled cameras

Nikon and Panasonic announced plans to release new WiFi-enabled cameras this spring. The Nikon CoolPIX S52c will be an upgrade of the S51c that will allow users to email images using a WiFi

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> Hang onto those Google shares, the giant has awoken... profits are up 30 percent Article >

Fring announced native VoIP application for iPhone

Israeli company Fring has introduced the first native, true VoIP application for the iPhone. The application doesn't require users to route their calls through an analog VoIP bridge, like previous

Skype looking strong with Q1 revenue jump

VoIP service provider Skype has been considered the smudge on eBay's reputation since the very day eBay acquired it. After eBay took an earnings charge on the cost of its acquisition last year, the

Is AT&T bitter about the C Block?

- Click here for our full coverage of the 700 MHz Wireless Auction- Is

Opera Mini for Android now available

Browser developer Opera Software announced its Opera Mini mobile web browser is now available for Google's fledgling Android platform, with technical previews available

Google's Grand Central takes a Sunday morning stroll

Google does a lot of things right, but as a wannabe telco, it leaves a lot to be desired. The Internet search giant's much-ballyhooed Grand Central, which the folks in Mountain View hotwired $50

Operator community butts heads with Google again

Operator community butts heads with Google again The operator community once again finds itself butting heads with the likes of Google as CTIA has now weighed in on the fight over unlicensed

CTIA weighs in on white-space spectrum debate

CTIA has now weighed in on the fight over the use of unlicensed white space spectrum, that spectrum that sits between airwaves currently licensed to TV broadcasters. CTIA joins Sprint Nextel and