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Latest Headlines

San Francisco set to vote on WiFi

San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom is going to push his citywide free WiFi access proposal to voters in the November election. According to the Wall Street Journal, Newsom has put forth a

ALSO NOTED: Telus rev up slightly; Google mum on phone plans; and much more...

> Telus revenue increases 4 percent in its Q2.

Could EarthLink pull out of the San Francisco WiFi deal?

San Francisco's proposed muni-WiFi network has once again hit a snag, but this time EarthLink is to blame. The ISP has asked the city's board of supervisors to delay a vote scheduled for this week

SPOTLIGHT: Google advertises 81 wireless-related job openings

Google has some 81 wireless-related job vacancies posted on its website. The job listings range from developers familiar with wireless Web technology and application delivery to a mobile product

SPOTLIGHT: Report: Google's mobile plans

The WSJ has a round-up of Google's announced and rumored mobile plans. Interesting details include: Google has invested "hundreds of millions of dollars in the cell phone project" T-Mobile

Will Google be the deus ex machina of 700 MHz?

Will Google be the deus ex machina of 700 MHz? Apparently Google is not as politically inept as the industry thinks it is: The FCC has ruled that the C Block spectrum in the upcoming 700 MHz

FCC: Open access but no wholesale requirement

The FCC commissioners unanimously voted in favor of the auction plan, which is based squarely on FCC chairman Kevin Martin's much debated proposal. Commercial Spectrum The final rules include

Updated: FCC Sets Ground Rules for 700 MHz Auction

By Deborah McAdams and Brian Dolan Google: Never said we wouldn't bid Update: Following today's FCC meeting, Google's senior counsel Richard Whitt made it clear Google

FCC 700 MHz ruling delayed

A decision on the FCC's auction rules for the much coveted 700 MHz spectrum has been delayed. The commission's open meeting, originally scheduled for 10am EST, was first pushed back by 30 minutes,

Operators can still have control in open access environment

  Operators can still have control in open access environment This whole open access debate when it comes to the 700 MHz band has some people wondering what it means for the mobile operator