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Latest Headlines

Bling introduces new mobile AJAX platform

Just last week I wrote about mojax, an AJAX-like

ALSO NOTED: CTIA announces Bush Sr. and Clinton as speakers; SF to reconsider Google-EarthLink?; and much more...

> CTIA announces President George Herbert Walker Bush and President Bill Clinton as keynote speakers on day three of the spring conference.

SF mayor: Don't let politics ruin muni-WiFi plans

As we reported yesterday, the fate of the Google-EarthLink project to grant free muni-WiFi to

Odds stacked up against Google-EarthLink?

According to a report over at GigaOM, the odds may be stacked up against the

Report: Google to close SF muni-wireless deal

According to a report in MarketWatch, Google and Earthlink are "very close" to finalizing the terms for the city-wide San Francisco municipal wireless network. Once Google and EarthLink

SPOTLIGHT: Google inks mobile search deals in China

According to a report in Forbes, Google has inked a mobile search deal with China Mobile. The company announced a similar deal with Chungwha Telecom of Taiwain just weeks ago. The report

My predictions for 2007

Four Predictions for 2007 Happy New Year! This is the first issue of FierceDeveloper of 2007, which means it's time for me to make some predictions about what

QUICKLINKS: Samsung licenses Opera; Unpatched Win Mobile MMS vulnerability; Much more...

FBI uses cell phone microphone for "roving bug" wiretaps. Article Samsung licenses Opera browser.

Editor's Corner

It's the end of the year and that means it's time to reminisce about what happened during the past year and whether the Top 5 predictions

Muni- movement gathers steam, deployments

Muni-wireless enjoyed a number of rollouts across the U.S. and many cities in the E.U. began exploring it as an option. With the influx of Homeland Security money, U.S. rollouts had an easier time