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Latest Headlines

Google's voice search service

Google quietly launched 800-Goog-411, a free voice-based directory search service that can recognize speech and read results over the phone or

Google quietly launches "Voice Local Search"

Google has experimentally launched a new directory assistance service that makes use of voice recognition for traditional 411 services. The news is of particular interest given the timing: Google

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ALSO NOTED: Qualcomm-Nokia "Armageddon"; Moto's highest mobile call; and much more...

> Qualcomm CEO Paul Jacobs says he hopes to avoid "Armageddon" in a week's time, when an all-out patent war could break out between Qualcomm and Nokia.

Google ends handset rumors

Google has ended rumors that the company is building its own handset. While the company clearly has big plans for mobile software and the mobile

SPOTLIGHT: The end of the wireless party?

Forbes.com columnist Clayton Christensen argues that the seemingly trivial entrants like Blyk and Fon as well as more established players like Google and Skype, threaten wireless carriers

Samsung: We will improve SMS

It's no secret that SMS is still the data cash cow for carriers in the U.S., but Samsung thinks it could use some improving. Samsung recently filed a patent for an SMS interface that would push

Google phone in the works

Rumors have been circulating for some time, but now Google has confirmed that it is indeed working on at least one mobile phone. Isabel Aguilera, Google CEO in Spain and Portugal, said the company

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Carriers want fewer operating systems. FierceWireless The latest U.S.

FON raises $13.1M for global hotspot network

Two weeks ago we wrote about Spanish startup Fon Technology ambitious goal of creating a global network of