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Latest Headlines

Google WiFi's 1-year anniversary

Google's first municipal WiFi network, which covers Mountain View, the town Google's headquarters are located in, launched one year ago from last Friday. Google reported that the network now includes

Rumor Mill: Google phone in two weeks

According to reports coming out of India, Google will launch a mobile phone in the country within the next two weeks. A report from Rediff claims that Google is in talks with Indian carriers

Google says free WiFi catching on in Mountain View

About a year after installing a free muni-WiFi network in Mountain View, Calif., Google said that nearly 15,000 people log on to the system monthly. The results reveal that use of the service is

Open access spectrum requires a new network?

Incumbent carriers might be less inclined to bid on the C Block--which has some "open access" provisions on it--in the upcoming 700 MHz auction than previously thought: A report from

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Schmidt: Google will "probably" bid in 700 MHz

ASPEN, Colo- During the final keynote of the Progress & Freedom Foundation's Aspen Summit here last night Google Chairman and CEO Eric Schmidt acknowledged that Google

Carrier nixes Google's number-for-life offer

There is no single new telecom player that frightens and intrigues traditional telcos more than Google. The Internet giant is likely to bid on 700 MHz spectrum that will augment its telecom efforts,

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Helio debuts Samsung's Fin

Mobile virtual network operator Helio introduced the Samsung-produced Fin, purportedly the thinnest handset currently available in the U.S. The phone arrives preloaded with Helio 3G content and

Google considering 700 MHz options

Google is still pondering its plans when it comes to bidding in 700 MHz auction slated for Jan. 16, according to an article in