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T-Mobile CEO on Android, femtocells and more

T-Mobile International CEO Hamid Akhavan said that the carrier's MyFaves offering now has 5.2 million customers in U.S. "We believe that we have found the pulse of community," Akhavan said. There are

FEATURE: FierceFlash- Google Android Demos and Keynote Photos

Texas Instruments displays their Google Android demo.

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Competing with the iPhone

Unlike last year's show, which took place a few short weeks after Apple unveiled the iPhone, all is quiet on the handset front leading into the Mobile World Congress. While Motorola mulls whether it

Will the first Google cell phone be a Dell phone?

  A Google blog entry last week announced the web services giant is still updating and refining its

GPS giant Garmin to launch first mobile phone

GPS solutions manufacturer Garmin announced the release of its first mobile phone, the nuvifone, a touchscreen device combining smartphone technology, mobile web browsing and personal navigation

Silicon Valley goes to Washington- Again

With a major technology industry acquisition in the offing, the press is having a field day, as the tech titans again go to Washington to plead their case. The Washington Post reports lobbyists are

Google offers Yahoo "help"

Google is doing its best to stop Microsoft from snatching up Yahoo, the only other big-name search engine in sight. In a move to prevent Microsoft from moving forward with its $44.6 billion hostile

Garmin enters 3.5G handset business

GPS manufacturer Garmin International has entered the mobile-phone market through the introduction of nuvifone, an all-in-one touchscreen device that combines a mobile web browser and personal