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ALSO NOTED: Zander's golden parachute; Daily Trivia; and much more...

> Zander's golden parachute of $56 million is still in place, RCR reports. Article > Can cable

Rumor Mill: BT to invest in FON?

FON, the Spanish company that enables consumers to share their WiFi services with each other, is all set to announce yet another round of VC funding--about $13 million, according to a report on

ALSO NOTED: Ed Zander made $13M; Daily Trivia; and much more...

> Moto CEO earns $13 million. Article > Canadian SMS usage triples.

ALSO NOTED: Study: People who use WiFi tend to read email more often; Ruckus Wireless announces the latest version of MetroFlex

> See this useful Unstrung discussion of hot spot aggregator WeRoam. > Brian Tanner, 21, of Palmer,

QUICKLINKS: VC firm 3i exits mobile market; Adobe webinar: Flash Lite vs. J2ME; Much more...

UK-based investment firm 3i walks away from mobile. Blog Adobe web seminar on Flash Lite vs. J2ME.

SiRF, Skyhook offer WiFi location-based service

Fifteen years or so, in the immediate aftermath of the collapse of the Soviet Union and the growing rapprochement between the erstwhile enemies, you could buy T-shirts in Washington, DC that

SPOTLIGHT: San Francisco mulls FTTH

As if one controversy were not enough, San Francisco now has two of them on its hands. The first is the still-not-determined battle of the Google-EarthLink muni-WiFi idea. The second is building a

ACLU puts heat on Earthlink and Google in San Fran

As if Earthlink and Google aren't getting enough heat over their muni-WiFi project in San Francisco. The ACLU of Northern California told the city's Board of Supervisors that its contract with

Carriers plan mobile Google-killer

Several European carriers along with Cingular/AT&T are secretly planning to get together during 3GSM to form a mobile search service that could take on Google, the

Carriers' rumored 3GSM mobile search plot

According to an unsourced report in the Sunday Telegraph, a consortium of European carriers and Cingular are planning to get together during the 3GSM conference next week to discuss the