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Latest Headlines

Mobile Gmail out of beta

Google's free email service, Gmail has been widely accessible via mobile devices for some time, but the company just made it a whole lot easier (

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Opinion: The great RAZR swindle. Blog The BlackBerry is an anti-status symbol?

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> Google Video is already mobile, but Google did not make it so. Some guy named Scott Robbin did. Video >

Verizon enables Flash content

Verizon Wireless has announced a partnership with Adobe and Qualcomm to bring Flash Lite for BREW technology to the carriers' handsets and applications, a first for a big carrier in the U.S. The

SPOTLIGHT: Google: Seamless connectivity, not all-in-one box

Google's CEO Eric Schmidt said 2016 will bring a future with seamless connectivity across many different devices and "boxes," while rejecting the idea of an all-in-one box. Schmidt also shares some

Editor's Corner

I'm thinking of a number between $1.65 billion and Google's current stock price... You guessed it--that's the

Microsoft, Yahoo launch mobile ad programs

Following Google's lead, Microsoft and Yahoo have each announced new mobile advertising

Leap Wireless shares soar after announcement

Last Thursday, Leap Wireless said it will not have to raise additional venture funding to deploy its new services using its recently won AWS spectrum licenses. Over the next two years the small

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> More reports on the "screaming phone" security system, now in the U.K. Article > Techdirt quietly wonders in choked

ALSO NOTED: Linksys launches 802.11n in India; WiFi comes to trains in FL; and much more...

> Linksys launches 802.11n in India. Report > Florida's TriRail is testing WiFi for passengers.