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Latest Headlines

Philly chooses EarthLink for citywide WiFi

On the heels of Google's San Francisco bid, Philadelphia picked EarthLink as the finalist to build its citywide WiFi network. EarthLink beat out rival Hewlett-Packard for the gig. The company

QUICKLINKS: EA Mobile CTO talks strategy; Cellular industry doesn't care about mobile data; Much more...

Analysis: Cellular industry doesn't care about mobile data. Blog Lincoln

Google offers free WiFi to San Francisco

Confirming one of the many rumors trailing the company, Google announced its proposal to provide San Francisco with free WiFi service. The company would provide an always-on connection speed of

SPOTLIGHT: free-hotspot.com plans free WiFi for Europe

free-hotspot.com announced their mission to team up with locations across Europe to provide free WiFi services. The start-up has signed on cafés, hotels, pubs, restaurants, retail centers

Google enters WiFi arena

One thing Google has is plenty of money at its disposal, and it has decided to use some of it to offer a new WiFi service to be called Google Secure Access. The Google site already offers the

ALSO NOTED: Nokia sells 1 billionth handset; Carriers are afraid of VoIP; and much more...

> Nokia sells 1 billionth handset. Article > New study says carriers are afraid of losing customers to VoIP.

Editor's Corner: Defending EBay?

eBay's recent acquisition of Skype for $2.6 to $4.1 billion (depending on Skype's financial performance) left a lot of us scratching our heads. Since the announcement nearly every analyst, pundit,

MessageVine launches mobile IM for Google Talk

MessageVine launched a mobile instant messenger (IM) product for Google Talk, Google's new IM and peer-to-peer VoIP service. The mobile client is modeled after Google Talk's PC version.

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Sony VP: Huge opportunities in mobile gaming. Article Action Engine usability study results: speed, ease of use are crucial.

Editor's Corner

Ready or Not, Wireless VoIP is Coming VoIP was big news this week, thanks in large part to Google's new Skype-killer IM client, Google Talk. Wireless VoIP (wVoIP) was also big