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Latest Headlines

Google's upcoming wearable SDK piques developer interest in what fits

Developers won't have to wait too much longer for Google to release a software-development kit designed to make it easier to incorporate Google's Android platform into wearable devices. Based on their reactions on Twitter, developers are eager to get their hands on it.

San Antonio creates foundation to work with Google Fiber

San Antonio has signed an agreement with Google Fiber for the preliminary placement of "fiber huts" throughout the city, reports the  San Antonio Express-News.

Huawei CMO: We'll release an Android/Windows Phone device in the U.S. in Q2

Huawei plans to release a smartphone that runs both Microsoft's Windows Phone and Google's Android in the U.S. market in the second quarter of this year, according to a Huawei executive.

Report: Mobile ad revenue to boost Google in 2014 as desktop ads decline

Google will see a surge in mobile advertising revenue in 2014 even as revenue from desktop web ads continues to decline, according to a new report from research firm eMarketer.

CNN, NBCU vets launch over-the-top celebrity TV networks

Comcast, DirecTV and other pay TV distributors face new over-the-top video competition from TAPP (TV App), a startup led by former NBCUniversal Television Chairman Jeff Gaspin and former CNN CEO Jonathan Klein.

Report: iOS 8 to include improvements to Apple Maps, public transit directions service

Apple's annual Worldwide Developers Conference is still around three months away, but already rumors are leaking out about what the next version of iOS will include. According to a report from  9to5Mac, the new software version will include an array of enhancements and improvements to Apple Maps, the company's native mapping service.

Hyper speed Internet at Starbucks yet? Google won't confirm

Google is staying tight-lipped about the progress of its Wi-Fi service upgrade in selected Starbucks stores, but some patrons are tweeting that their local coffee shop has already received the upgrade. FierceWirelessTech has more.

Google tight-lipped about rumored app, Starbucks retrofit

Google is not commenting on rumors that first emerged last month regarding its work on an application designed to ease access to its public Wi-Fi hotspots. The company also does not have much to say regarding its ongoing upgrade of Wi-Fi service in certain Starbucks stores, though users have been posting positive reviews on social media.

Jumping into a dynamic year for online video

Anyone who doesn't see 2014 as a year of large-scale changes to the way online video is marketed, packaged and perceived hasn't been paying attention. Cable operators and short-form content providers alike are preparing to take a bite out of the space occupied by Netflix, Amazon and Hulu.

Google to release SDK to get Android into wearables

Google will release in two weeks a software-development kit for developers to let them more easily put Google's Android platform into wearable computing devices, according to a senior Google executive.