Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

EU sets new regional data protection rules

European politicians agreed new data protection rules for companies headquartered outside the European Union, as part of reforms of privacy laws.

Puerto Rico's Critical Hub Networks launches 1 Gbps-capable FTTH network

Critical Hub Networks, a competitive provider, is now offering Puerto Rico's first Gigabit fiber to the home (FTTH) service under the "Optico Fiber" banner.

Last supper for Aereo? Service debuts on Chromecast

One unfavorable Supreme Court decision and it could all be moot, but just the same, uber-disruptive over-the-top programming service Aereo finally made its debut on Google's Chromecast Thursday.

Rumor mill: Google to introduce Android TV platform at I/O developer conference

Google may introduce an Android TV platform at its upcoming developer's conference in late June, a report says, sparking speculation around the industry about the search engine giant's market strategy amid failed earlier product attempts and internal rivalries.

Rumor Mill: Google-backed venture will launch satellites in 5 years to deliver global Internet access

Google has its Project Loon balloons as well as drones via its acquisition of Titan Aerospace. Now it appears the Internet giant will soon add satellites to its bag of wireless broadband tricks.

Google joins Netflix in the ISP rating game, says its report is more comprehensive

With even more dogs in the hunt than Netflix, given that it's slowly rolling out a high-speed broadband service, Google on Thursday announced its own ISP ratings report through its YouTube division.

Rumor Mill: Microsoft smart watch will work with iOS, Android and Windows Phone

Microsoft could soon jump into the wearable device market with a smart watch that is loaded with sensors and works with Apple iPhones, Google's Android phones and Microsoft's own Windows Phones, according to a report from  Forbes. 

YouTube launches its own ISP streaming quality index

Google's YouTube division has released its first ever Video Quality Report, rating the performance of Internet service providers on how well they are delivering online video in their service areas. It's a move similar to Netflix's monthly ISP speed index, which ranks providers based on how well they deliver Netflix streams to its subscribers.

Google revamps its TV white-space database system ahead of 600 MHz auction

Google has upgraded its TV band database system, which enables unlicensed use of TV white space spectrum (TVWS), and the new and improved system can be tested by the public for 45 days starting June 2.

Report: Apple to unveil connected home ambitions at WWDC

Apple will soon announce its plans to have its iPhone become a central remote control as part of a larger connected home platform, according to a report from the  Financial Times.