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Latest Headlines

Google tight-lipped about rumored app, Starbucks retrofit

Google is not commenting on rumors that first emerged last month regarding its work on an application designed to ease access to its public Wi-Fi hotspots. The company also does not have much to say regarding its ongoing upgrade of Wi-Fi service in certain Starbucks stores, though users have been posting positive reviews on social media.

Jumping into a dynamic year for online video

Anyone who doesn't see 2014 as a year of large-scale changes to the way online video is marketed, packaged and perceived hasn't been paying attention. Cable operators and short-form content providers alike are preparing to take a bite out of the space occupied by Netflix, Amazon and Hulu.

Google to release SDK to get Android into wearables

Google will release in two weeks a software-development kit for developers to let them more easily put Google's Android platform into wearable computing devices, according to a senior Google executive.

Cincinnati community group vies for Google Fiber

Cincinnati is the latest city to lobby Google Fiber to be the next destination for its 1 Gbps fiber to the home (FTTH) service, reports  WLWT News 5.

FCC's Rosenworcel looks to 5 GHz band, 600 MHz guard bands for unlicensed wireless

FCC Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel said the FCC should seize a near-term opportunity to use more of the 5 GHz band for unlicensed wireless use, and also explore ways to make use of guard bands that will be produced in the 600 MHz spectrum auction for unlicensed purposes.

IDC cuts tablet growth rate forecast for 2014, cites maturing market

Research firm IDC thinks the tablet market will grow in 2014 compared to 2013 but at a slower pace than it previously forecasted, with a maturing market, stabilizing prices and a decline in low-cost tablets all contributing to the weaker growth.

Facebook drones may take on Google's Project Loon balloons

While Facebook contends it has no plans to build or own a wireless network, the social networking giant is apparently interested in investing in airborne technology that could help bring the Internet to unserved areas.

Google launching Vudu on Chromecast

Nearly seven months after Google Fiber announced that it launched the Vudu movies on demand service in Kansas City, Vudu said Tuesday that its streaming movie service will soon be available through Google's Chromecast HDMI stick.

Report: Google, Samsung press China on conditions for Microsoft/Nokia deal

Google and Samsung Electronics are prodding Chinese regulators to ensure that once Microsoft's deal for Nokia's handset unit closes they won't be forced to pay higher patent licensing fees, according to a  Bloomberg  report.

Apple unveils CarPlay to integrate iOS into more cars

Apple announced that its "iOS in the Car" program has been rebranded "CarPlay" and that it will bring iOS into cars from Ferrari, Mercedes-Benz and Volvo this week, with more automakers set to launch the service later this year.