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Latest Headlines

Amazon's devices CTO leaves for Google's advanced projects unit

Amazon's CTO of devices left the company to join the Google unit that works on advanced research projects, according to a  Re/code  report, the second time he left the online retailer in the last year.

Google's Now on Tap faces pressure from Microsoft's Bing and internal departures

Google is facing more pressure in search, and not just because Microsoft beat it to the punch and late last week updated its Bing search app for Android that mimics many of the features of Google's forthcoming Now on Tap feature. Both Google's and Microsoft's efforts aim to give users information about people and places and let them take actions based on the context of what they are viewing in mobile apps. According to a  Re/code  report, which cited unnamed sources familiar with the situation, much of the original team that built Google Now has left the search giant.

Google cuts Android app pre-installation requirements

Google reduced the number of apps that smartphone makers must pre-install on Android devices in order to gain access to the company's app store by four, in a move that could appease European Commission (EC) regulators.

Google's smart contact lens project graduates to become part of Alphabet

Google's life sciences team, which is working on a smart contact lens to measure glucose levels, is graduating from the X lab to become a standalone Alphabet company.

Developers are all in on Google Go 1.5, based on Twitter comments

The outlook from developers on social media couldn't be more clear: As far as adoption for Google's nascent programming language is concerned, it's Go time.

Project Ara indicates launch delayed because phones' modules kept breaking apart

Why is Google delaying the pilot launch of Project Ara, which is aimed at creating modular smartphones consumers can customize with different components? According to the project's team members, it's because the phones, made up of different blocks, kept breaking apart when dropped in drop tests.

Google's new $199 OnHub Wi-Fi router could target IoT services, challenge telco and cable operators

Google announced it will sell its own Wi-Fi router, the OnHub, for $199. The gadget features support for Bluetooth and the 802.15.4-based Weave standard that Google announced earlier this year for Internet of Things applications. Thus, the product could be used by Google in the future to offer additional smart home services-- an area that cable and telco operators have been playing in with their own Wi-Fi-capable modems and gateways.

Intel partners with Google's Project Tango on 3D imaging and mapping

Intel wants the world to know it is excited about what developers can do to bring its chipsets and technologies into more devices than just PCs, as the company expands into the Internet of Things and partners with other major technology companies.

Google delays Project Ara modular smartphone pilot launch until 2016

Google's Project Ara, which is focused on creating modular smartphones consumers can customize, is delaying its pilot launch until 2016. The goal is to create smartphones that are made of different blocks that people can customize as they see fit-- for example, the wireless antenna, battery or camera.

Rumor mill: LG's rumored Nexus phone seen in new leaked photos

Rumors have been spreading since May that Google is working with two OEMs to create its next Nexus-branded phones running Android M software: a 5.7-inch Huawei device and a 5.2-inch phone from LG Electronics. Now, images purporting to show the LG-made device have surfaced.