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Latest Headlines

Oracle seeks more than $9B from Google in case over Java patents in Android

Oracle is seeking as much as $9.3 billion in damages from Google in a long-running copyright dispute over the use of Oracle's Java platform in Google's Android smartphone operating system.

Madden: Shared spectrum and wholesale wireless

Sometimes I write about what I see in the marketplace. This time, I'm writing about what I DON'T see in the marketplace.

Google revisits general public use of Wi-Fi Channel 14

Google is revisiting the idea that the FCC consider whether it is possible to allow general unlicensed use by the public of Channel 14 while still protecting Globalstar's satellite services.

Google reportedly hopes to catch mobile live-streaming wave

Google may be adding another live streaming component to YouTube: VentureBeat reports that the company is creating a new app, YouTube Connect, which would face off against Twitter's Periscope and Facebook's live streaming initiative.

Google-backed third-party set-top coalition launches 'Unlock The Box' website

A Google-backed coalition of tech companies and consumer activist groups has launched a website to support the FCC's proposal to "unlock" the proprietary leased pay-TV set-top business.

Server sales grow 7% in 2015 despite Google, Amazon spending cuts

Google and Amazon may have reduced their capital spending in 2015, but that did not effect the global server market too much-- it grew 7 percent during the year. Dell'Oro Group said that this was the largest gain the market has seen since 2011, when the market was overcoming the fallout of a global recession.

Google's App Indexing: U.S. brands may be missing out on valuable app data, Searchmetrics says

Searchmetrics, a German search engine optimization platform provider, has discovered the majority of U.S. brands could be missing out on opportunities to drive app traffic, engagement and conversions via Google searches.

Google gets license for nationwide airborne mmWave testing

The FCC has given Google the go-ahead to conduct nationwide airborne and terrestrial millimeter wave testing, granting it an experimental license that had sparked informal objections from commenters registering their concerns about health effects and interference.

As Google Fiber and AT&T dally, San Francisco explores taking FTTH matters into its own hands

With Google Fiber planning only to bring its 1 Gbps service into a few targeted apartment communities, and widespread gigabit services by other providers like AT&T months away, the city of San Francisco is exploring how much it would cost to build its own municipal fiber network to serve residents and businesses.

Report: Apple leans on Google for iCloud, iTunes, other cloud offerings, cuts spending on Amazon's AWS

Apple quietly struck a deal late last year to use Google Cloud Platform in a move that has enabled it to cut back its dependence on Amazon Web Services, according to a report from CRN.