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Latest Headlines

Lenovo aims to use Motorola deal as catalyst for mobile growth

China's Lenovo is the world's largest maker of PCs, but it is hoping to use mobile as a way to slingshot into further growth in the years ahead. A  BusinessWeek  profile of the company highlights how its $2.91 billion purchase of Google's Motorola unit is a part of how the company is positioning itself not as a Chinese company, but as a global one poised for growth.

ATIS tackles HTTP 2.0 opportunities with creation of Open Web Alliance

ATIS is looking to help members in the web ecosystem tackle the emerging HTTP 2.0 concept with the debut of its Open Web Alliance (OWA), an initiative focused on addressing the impact of closed proxies such as those that incorporate the SPDY protocol, which is designed to help reduce the latency of web pages.

Google's Project Loon will rely on carriers' licensed spectrum

Google's Project Loon airborne Internet project will rely on telecom operators' licensed spectrum to deliver wireless Internet service to rural and remote areas, said Astro Teller, "captain of moonshots" at the secretive Google X labs.

YouTube moves toward premium in bid to attract advertisers

Short-form video giant YouTube put its position as the top online video provider into play during its third annual "Brandcast" at Madison Square Garden, as it tried to woo advertisers to spend more on the service. It's banking on a new platform for ad spending called "Google Preferred."

Cox takes on AT&T and Google Fiber in 1 Gbps fiber race

Cox Communications has become the latest service provider to announce an intention to launch a 1 Gbps fiber to the home (FTTH) service, a move that will challenge both AT&T and Google Fiber, reports  Bloomberg.

Report: Google to scrap Nexus device program in favor of 'Android Silver'

Google plans to scrap its four-year-old Nexus Android device program in favor of a program called "Android Silver" aimed at delivering high-end smartphones attuned to Google's specifications to better compete with Apple's iPhones in the premium smartphone segment, according to a report from  The Information.

Rumor Mill: Facebook to unveil Facebook Audience Network mobile ad network this week

Facebook will unveil a mobile advertising network this week at its f8 developer conference called Facebook Audience Network, according to  TechCrunch. The conference starts April 30.

Devs comment on Google's plans to offer app install ads

Twitter does it. Facebook seems to be increasingly successful because of it. So why shouldn't Google also plan to offer app install ads?

Google documents hint at Wi-Fi component to Fiber buildout

According to documents unearthed by  Computerworld, Google may add Wi-Fi capabilities to its rollout of fiber connections in select cities across the country.

Facebook now gets 59% of ad revenue from mobile

Facebook saw a surge in mobile advertising revenue in the first quarter and the social network said it now counts more than 1 billion mobile monthly active users.