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Latest Headlines

Sprint still backs Tizen as other carriers waver

Sprint is still backing the Tizen Association and just joined as a partner member, contrary to a recent report that the carrier had dropped its support for the fledgling operating system.

WifiForward adds ballast to demand for unlicensed spectrum

Internet and communications heavyweights along with other supporters want more spectrum for Wi-Fi, and they want it now. The WifiForward coalition is calling for policymakers to open up more unlicensed spectrum for Wi-Fi and other uses, contending that Wi-Fi in general is at risk due to a deluge of wireless data traffic that is causing increasing spectrum congestion.

Android OS dominates smart watch market

Google's Android operating system (OS) is dominating more than just smartphone shipments, according to latest figures from Strategy Analytics.

Report: Microsoft might bring Android apps to Windows

Unnamed sources familiar with Microsoft's plans tell The Verge that Microsoft is "seriously considering" allowing Android apps to run on both Windows and Windows Phone.

Lenovo predicts Motorola turnaround, but cautions it will take time

Lenovo, which is in the process of acquiring Google's Motorola Mobile division for $2.91 billion, thinks it can turn around the Motorola unit, especially by reintroducing the Motorola brand in China. However, the company said it will take some time to do so.

Google documents reveal stipulations on Android phone makers accessing Google services

Google distributes its Android mobile software for free as an open-source project, but new documents show that there are strings attached to OEMs that want to use key Google services as part of their Android devices. The documents reveal that Google has required handset makers to make Google Search the device's default search engine, have a series of apps preinstalled and even place Google apps in certain locations on the device.

Foxconn reportedly working with Google's Andy Rubin on robotics

Foxconn is perhaps best known for assembling Apple iPhones and iPads, but according to the Wall Street Journal the company is also working with Apple rival Google on something out of the ordinary: robotics.

Report: Nokia preps 'Normandy' Android phone for Mobile World Congress release

Nokia is going to soon release a phone running a forked version of Google's Android platform, according to a  Wall Street Journal  report. The release of the phone, codenamed "Normandy," will come just ahead of the closing of Microsoft's $7.4 billion deal to buy Nokia's handset business.

Grande to challenge Google, AT&T, TWC with 1-Gig in Austin

Cable overbuilder Grande Communications said it'll soon launch a 1-Gig wideband Internet service in Austin, Texas. The company will charge just $65 monthly for the product.

Programmers not flocking to Google Chromecast

In today's spotlight, FierceOnlineVideo editor Josh Wein takes a look at challenges Google faces in getting cable and broadcast programmers to deliver video through its new Chromecast HDMI stick.