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Latest Headlines

Lenovo exec says Android's Google Play Services coming to China this year

The head of Lenovo's mobile business reportedly said that Google is planning to bring its Android Play Services to China at some point this year.

YouTube's business chief betting on virtual reality to boost platform

LAS VEGAS-- Robert Kyncl, YouTube's chief business officer, said virtual reality will be one of the few key drivers for Google's video strategy in the coming year. "I don't think digital video will grow linearly, I think it will grow exponentially," Kyncl said.

Google Fiber installation allegedly causes flooded homes in Texas

Residents of Austin, Texas are saying a Google Fiber installation is to blame for flood damage to their homes that occurred during record rainfall in October 2015.

Report: Facebook preparing for Android life without Google

Facebook is working to enable its apps to continue to run on Android phones if a conflict with Google were to erupt, according to a report in The Information.

Android's switch to open-sourced Java fuels speculation of Google-Oracle settlement

Google won't get around to talking too much about the next version of Android until its annual Google I/O developer conference rolls around again months from now, leaving plenty of time to speculate about what junk food it will be named after.

Mobile Internet users will surpass 2B in 2016, forecasts IDC

IDC predicts that more than 2 billion people across the globe will have access to the Internet via a mobile device next year, accounting for well over half of the 3.2 billion Internet users worldwide in 2016.

Google launches Project Fi support for data-only devices

Google continued its modest expansion into wireless services by rolling out Project Fi support for data-only devices.

CTO: Nokia working on 3.5 GHz products, possibly ready next year

Nokia Networks may have products ready for the 3.5 GHz band by next year, but the certification process will determine when the products actually go to market.

Googlers go behind the scenes of Project Loon

Two Googlers known as Nat and Lo are pursuing their "20% Project" to create and share videos of some of the things of interest inside Google, and one of their latest is about Project Loon.

CTIA: Cable industry engaged in 'spectrum-squatting' in heated LTE-U battle

The wireless industry and the cable industry are in the midst of a major battle over LTE-U technology and the future of Wi-Fi, and the rhetoric on each side is rapidly escalating. In the latest skirmish between the two, the wireless industry's trade group, CTIA, accused the cable industry's trade group of "unlicensed spectrum-squatting" and "preserving their own perceived incumbent status at the expense of consumers and innovation in the unlicensed ecosystem."