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Latest Headlines

Google's $500M Skybox buy could fuel Internet access or satellite imaging efforts

Google announced it will pay $500 million in cash to acquire Skybox Imaging, but there is a great deal of debate over what it will actually use the satellite imaging company's technology for.

Google's Chromecast falling short of world TV domination

When it debuted in July, Google's Chromecast was widely pondered to be true game-changer that would help video streaming be more widely adopted. Eleven months later, as FierceOnlineVideo 's Samantha Bookman points out, mainstream online video adoption is indeed occuring, but it isn't necessarily being driven by Chromecast.

Chromecast usage dips, sales flatten out, report says

Google has a sizable stake in the online-streaming-device market with its Chromecast streaming stick, but use of the device in the United States dipped in the first quarter of 2014 compared with the last two quarters of 2013, a Parks Associates study reveals.

Verizon FiOS speed drops in Netflix ISP index, despite peering deal

What's the deal, Verizon? Most observers--and Netflix, surely--expected that the SVOD provider's streaming performance over Verizon's FiOS network would improve, now that Netflix is paying Verizon for preferred bandwidth. But the carrier's average streaming speeds instead dropped two places in Netflix's monthly speed index.

Is Google cooking up an Android answer to Apple's iBeacon technology?

Google is reportedly working on a new feature for its Android platform that mirrors many aspects of Apple's location-aware iBeacon technology, according to an  Android Police  report.

EU sets new regional data protection rules

European politicians agreed new data protection rules for companies headquartered outside the European Union, as part of reforms of privacy laws.

Puerto Rico's Critical Hub Networks launches 1 Gbps-capable FTTH network

Critical Hub Networks, a competitive provider, is now offering Puerto Rico's first Gigabit fiber to the home (FTTH) service under the "Optico Fiber" banner.

Last supper for Aereo? Service debuts on Chromecast

One unfavorable Supreme Court decision and it could all be moot, but just the same, uber-disruptive over-the-top programming service Aereo finally made its debut on Google's Chromecast Thursday.

Rumor mill: Google to introduce Android TV platform at I/O developer conference

Google may introduce an Android TV platform at its upcoming developer's conference in late June, a report says, sparking speculation around the industry about the search engine giant's market strategy amid failed earlier product attempts and internal rivalries.

Rumor Mill: Google-backed venture will launch satellites in 5 years to deliver global Internet access

Google has its Project Loon balloons as well as drones via its acquisition of Titan Aerospace. Now it appears the Internet giant will soon add satellites to its bag of wireless broadband tricks.