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Latest Headlines

Analysts: AT&T to add fewer postpaid and more prepaid subscribers in Q3

AT&T Mobility will wind up adding far fewer postpaid customers and yet far more prepaid subscribers in the third quarter than analysts at Wells Fargo initially thought.

AT&T brings 'Rollover Data' to some of its GoPhone prepaid customers

AT&T Mobility is letting some of its GoPhone prepaid customers access the carrier's "Rollover Data" program. AT&T started offering rollover data to its customers on its Mobile Share Value shared data plans in late January.

AT&T adds unlimited calling to Mexico on $60 GoPhone prepaid plan

AT&T Mobility's GoPhone prepaid customers who are on the carrier's $60 plan will soon get unlimited calling to Mexico. The addition of the calling option is the latest step AT&T has taken to make calling to Mexico more seamless, especially for its prepaid customers, following AT&T's purchase of wireless assets south of the border.

AT&T adds LTE service to Aio Wireless prepaid brand

AT&T Mobility is adding LTE to its new Aio Wireless prepaid brand, which launched with just support for the carrier's HSPA+ network. The move comes shortly after AT&T added HSPA+ and LTE support to its GoPhone prepaid brand.

AT&T drops price, adds LTE data to GoPhone smartphone plans

AT&T Mobility revamped its GoPhone prepaid plans, as it recently promised it would, and highlighted the fact that its GoPhone customers can access its LTE network, which now covers more than 200 million POPs.

AT&T ditches prepaid GoPhone data options, will launch new plans soon

AT&T Mobility is limiting the data options on its cheaper prepaid GoPhone plans. However, the carrier said it will launch new GoPhone plans in the next few weeks, according to a  CNET  report. AT&T did not provide prices for the new plans, saying only that there would be a "variety of plans."

AT&T adds HSPA+, LTE support to GoPhone smartphone plans

AT&T Mobility is bringing HSPA+ and LTE data support to its GoPhone prepaid customers who use Apple's iPhone or any other HSPA+ or LTE-enabled device, the carrier confirmed.

AT&T planning June launch of 'All In One' prepaid brand

AT&T Mobility is planning to launch new prepaid services under the "All In One" brand June 15, according to people familiar with the matter. The carrier will likely offer a $35 per month service for feature phones and a $50 per month service for smartphones.

Verizon cuts prepaid smartphone plan with 2 GB of data from $80 to $70

Verizon Wireless effectively cut the price of its high-end prepaid smartphone plan from $80 to $70, bringing its prepaid pricing closer to rival AT&T Mobility. However, Verizon's prepaid services are still much more expensive than those from many traditional prepaid and flat-rate players.

AT&T undercuts Verizon with $65 prepaid smartphone plan

AT&T Mobility is introducing a new $65 prepaid plan with unlimited voice, texting and 1 GB of data, undercutting rival Verizon Wireless and bringing its pricing closer to more traditional no-contract offerings.