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Latest Headlines

Infonetics: HSPA+ still has a long life despite LTE rollouts

Despite ongoing LTE rollouts worldwide, older wireless air interfaces such as EDGE and HSPA will remain workhorses for many 3GPP operators, according to Infonetics Research.

Verizon, Sprint lead on delivering mobile data traffic over LTE

Verizon Wireless and Sprint far outpace AT&T and T-Mobile US when it comes to the percentage of customers with LTE-enabled smartphones who see 91 to 100 percent of their mobile usage going over LTE rather than 3G, according to a new report from Mobidia and Informa Telecoms & Media.

Freescale small cell processor supports simultaneous LTE and HSPA+ modes

Targeting the market for multimode small cells, Freescale Semiconductor added WCDMA/HSPA+ multimode capability to its LTE L1 software, which runs on its QorIQ Qonverge BSC9132 system on chip. The chip vendor claims it is one of the first companies to bring both multimode-capable hardware and software to market.

Broadcom unleashes entry-level Android processor with HSPA+, 802.11ac and NFC

Broadcom unveiled its newest platform for entry-level smartphones and also announced a milestone-reaching series of multicore processors suited for LTE and LTE-Advanced networks.

T-Mobile iPhone 5 users get faster HSPA+ speeds via hacked software

Two hackers claim they can boost HSPA+ data speeds on Apple iPhone 5 smartphones being used on the T-Mobile US refarmed PCS 1900 MHz network.

AT&T's summertime LTE rollout targets 77 new markets

AT&T, which is expanding its LTE rollout to include less densely populated areas, released a list of 77 new markets where it will make LTE service available by summer's end.

AT&T: Multi-standard small cells at least a year off

AT&T has updated much of its network to accommodate deployment of HSPA+ metrocells around the country, but the rollout of more advanced multi-standard metrocells is at least a year away, according to the senior executive heading up the program.

Microwave gear vendors ready to invade millimeter-wave market

Numerous suppliers of microwave equipment are preparing to add millimeter-wave gear to their portfolios as operators increasingly took to the latter category to provide backhaul for LTE macrocells and small cells, according to a fresh report.

Mallinson: Mobile broadband- thrice as much at half the price

Charging a premium for LTE, as EE is currently doing, is unsustainable. Instead; stoking mobile broadband demand with lower and lower-priced LTE is most essential.

AT&T: Wi-Fi will be in all of our small cell deployments

Wi-Fi will play a crucial role in AT&T's multibillion-dollar initiative to increase the density of its wireless network, according to one of the operator's top executives.