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Latest Headlines

Wang: Apple changes course in face of recent innovation struggles

When Apple reports earnings this week, it will once again find itself trying to demonstrate that it has a continued path for big growth. Many eyes will be on iPhone sales (with scrutiny on efforts in China), profit margins and any insights regarding Apple Watch. The market will question whether the iPhone 7 can help Apple break out of an innovation rut. But Apple may have already dropped the biggest hints regarding how it views its near-term innovation potential.

Jury orders Apple to pay $625M to VirnetX in patent case

Apple was ordered to pay more than $625 million to VirnetX Holding Corp. after an East Texas jury ruled the iPhone maker had infringed on four patents.

Analysts: Facebook's WhatsApp deal won't sting U.S. carriers, but may affect those in emerging markets

Facebook's $16 billion deal for over-the-top messaging service WhatsApp likely will not have a major impact on U.S. carriers and other Western operators because most have begun offering unlimited voice and text messaging. However, the action could put pressure on carriers in emerging markets, according to industry analysts.

Firefox, toll-free data won't cure operators' OTT ills

BARCELONA, Spain--Two major trends in the wireless industry appear to be converging. On one hand, operators continue to struggle with over-the-top players like Google, Viber, Facebook Messenger and Skype cutting into their voice and messaging revenues. On the other hand, operators have quietly been inking deals with content providers in order to offer cheap or free access to specific services, a practice some have dubbed the toll-free data model. Now, it seems some companies are hoping toll-free data models can put wireless carriers back in the game and give them some leverage against the OTT tide.

MetroPCS says joyn launch proceeding smoothly despite DT's troubles

MetroPCS said its deployment of Rich Communication Services under the GSMA's joyn brand is humming along just fine. The comments are notable considering the technical difficulties Deutsche Telekom is experiencing in Germany that have forced the carrier to indefinitely delay launching joyn there.

iMessage, other OTT messaging providers to fall under FCC's text-to-911 rules

The FCC proposed yesterday that all wireless carriers and providers of over-the-top messaging applications like Apple's iMessage provide customers with tex-to-911 services. The proposed rule changes are part of an ongoing overhaul of the FCC's Next Generation 911 rules.

FCC explores whether Apple's iMessage should comply with text-to-911 service

Apple is in discussions with the FCC over how the commission's text-to-911 rules might affect over-the-top messaging applications like Apple's iMessage, according to an FCC filing made on behalf of Apple. Apple wants the FCC to more carefully specify which OTT applications should be included in the agency's rules for text-to-911.

Lowenstein's View: The untold story of Verizon's Share Everything

Verizon's Share Everything will not radically alter the equation. In some scenarios you will pay a little more, and in others you will pay a little less. Noteworthy, however, is the simplicity of the new structure.

Joyn is SMS version 2.0, but will it help carriers stem the OTT tide?

Remember SMS? Wireless carriers sure do. Text messages cost 10 cents each and require virtually nothing in the way of network resources. Compare that with the falling price of a MB of data and the