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Latest Headlines

FreedomPop brings free calling, texting and data to tablets, will sell the iPad mini, Samsung Tab 3

Sprint MVNO FreedomPop is going to launch the Apple iPad mini and Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 as its first LTE tablets and will enable voice service via the tablets. The company is also going to support customers who bring off-contract Sprint LTE tablets to its service.

Apple releases cheaper 8GB iPhone 5c- but not yet for U.S. market

Apple released a cheaper 8 GB iPhone 5c in its European online stores, but the gadget is not yet available online in the U.S. Apple also re-released its fourth-generation iPad tablet, which replaces the older iPad 2.

Analysts: Apple's iPhone sales likely to top last year- but by how much?

Apple reports its fiscal fourth-quarter results after the market closes today, and all eyes will be on how the company's iPhone business is doing, and to a lesser extent, how well its iPad tablet sales have held up.

LTE pricing: What's 1 MB of mobile data really worth?

While T-Mobile's "free data" for tablets strategy is smart, it does make me wonder about the overall message wireless carriers are sending to consumers about LTE data and its value in the market. There's a huge discrepancy in the pricing of LTE data among the operators with some offering free data and others charging a premium.

UPDATED: T-Mobile to offer 200 MB of free data for all tablet customers

T-Mobile US plans to offer up to 200 MB of free LTE data each month for life for customers who use tablets on its network. The carrier said its latest "uncarrier" move is designed to get customers using cellular data on their tablets.

Apple unveils new iPad Air, mini and brings them to T-Mobile

Apple unveiled new iPad models on Tuesday and for the first time T-Mobile US will sell service for the popular tablets.

T-Mobile's Legere hints at plans to sell iPad

T-Mobile US CEO John Legere appears to be hinting that T-Mobile will sell service for Apple's new iPads.

Orr: Previous experiences push shoppers to tablet, phablet or smartphone

Between the handset and ultra-portable notebook PC form-factors lies the realm of mobile computing. First explored commercially in 2007 with ultra-mobile PCs (UMPCs) and handheld mobile internet devices (MIDs), mobile computing merges the battery-powered versatility of handsets with the processing power and application versatility found in traditional PC systems. Today, the mobile computing market is most often associated with the emergence and rapid success of tablets.

T-Mobile USA to carry Apple products in 2013

T-Mobile USA has entered into an agreement with Apple to bring products to market together in 2013, according to T-Mobile parent Deutsche Telekom. For T-Mobile, such a deal would allow it to potentially stop the bleeding of postpaid subscribers, which T-Mobile executives have said has been exacerbated by the fact that T-Mobile does not carry Apple's iPhone.

IDC sees weaker handset growth but surging tablet sales for 2012

Research firm IDC predicted weak growth in global handset sales. However, the firm said tablet sales are booming this year and will continue to do so.