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Latest Headlines

FreedomPop to sell refurbished LTE iPhone 5 for $349

Sprint MVNO FreedomPop today announced it will begin selling a refurbished Apple iPhone 5 for $349. The company also said it will provide service to customers who bring their existing iPhones to the MVNO. Further, in an effort to generate interest among customers who are still on a contract with other carriers, FreedomPop said it will provide free calling and texting services to any iPhone owner through its new over-the-top, FreedomPop-branded iOS app.

Sprint MVNO Ting supporting- but not advertising- iPhone 4/4S in beta program

Sprint MVNO Ting, which is owned by Tucows, confirmed it is now providing service to Sprint-issued Apple iPhone 4 and 4S smartphones. The company described the support as a beta program, which Ting said means that it can provide the service to any new and existing customer but that it cannot promote it or market it on its website.

Gold glitters for Apple as iPhone 5s sells out in Europe

European technology fans lined up on Friday as the iPhone 5s and 5c finally went on sale in a number of countries across the globe, including the European markets of France, the UK and Germany.

Samsung Galaxy S III beats iPhone 5 in customer satisfaction study

Samsung Electronics' Galaxy S III and Galaxy Note II were the top-rated smartphones in terms of customer satisfaction, beating out Apple's iPhone 5 and other recent iPhones, according to a new report from the American Customer Satisfaction Index.

Apple's profit dips, but 31.2M iPhone sales beat expectations

Apple reported a decline in its quarterly net profit, from $8.8 billion a year ago to $6.9 billion in its most recent quarter. But the company's sales of iPhones during the period--31.2 million units, up from the 26 million it sold in the year-ago quarter--beat Wall Street expectations of around 27 million units. Apple CEO Tim Cook partially attributed the company's better-than-expected iPhones sales on shipments of the company's iPhone 4.

Report: Apple testing iPhones and iPads with larger screens

Apple has asked its component suppliers to test iPhone and iPad screens larger than the ones currently available, according to a  Wall Street Journal  report.

Russian operators turn their backs on Apple's iPhone

Russia's mobile operators are showing Apple the door and favouring smartphones based on the Android and Windows Phone operating systems according to various media reports, although the reports differ on whether all three operators or just two are phasing out the iPhone.

Report: Apple delaying iPhone 5S to add 4.3-inch screen

Apple will likely introduce at least one new iPhone this year, but rumors continue to swirl over exactly when the phone will go on sale and what exactly it will offer.

AT&T slashing 50% off smartphone prices with two-year contract

Is AT&T taking a swipe at T-Mobile US' "uncarrier" strategy to charge full price for handsets and eliminate contracts? It sure looks that way.

Confirmed: AT&T enables FaceTime over cellular for iPhone 5 customers with unlimited data

AT&T Mobility has begun enabling Apple's FaceTime video chatting service over its cellular network for customers who have an LTE-capable iPhone 5 and an unlimited data plan, according to an AT&T spokesman.