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Latest Headlines

FreedomPop shows off LTE-capable smartphone case, hopes for year-end launch

LAS VEGAS--MVNO FreedomPop plans to release a smartphone case that can connect to Sprint Nextel's EV-DO and LTE networks sometime this year. The case will be tied to a user's smartphone via Wi-Fi, and will provide the user with access to FreedomPop services including the company's 500 MB of free data per month and its forthcoming VoIP calling service.

As iPhone Sleeve delays drag on, FreedomPop offers Photon and free 2 GB as consolation

The FCC said it requires additional testing of MVNO FreedomPop's iPhone Sleeve, which the company said could "take another couple months and tens of thousands of dollars." As a result, the company is now offering anyone who pre-ordered the company's iPhone Sleeve before February 2012 a FreedomPop Photon mobile hotspot with 2 GB of free data. The company said that "if/when" the iPhone Sleeve does ship, customers will also be eligible to receive a free Sleeve as well.

After a delay of more than a year, FreedomPop's iPhone Sleeve could finally be released

Clearwire MVNO FreedomPop announced today that its long-delayed iPhone Sleeve may soon be released commercially. The company said the FCC has completed testing the gadget and that "a decision by the FCC is expected by the end of April."

FreedomPop intros data-sharing service- but iPhone Sleeve is still MIA

MVNO FreedomPop announced a new service that will allow its users to share data. The offering puts a new twist on the shared data plans from Verizon Wireless  and AT&T Mobility by allowing FreedomPop users to give their unused data to any other friends or family members who use the company's service.

FreedomPop's iPhone Sleeve stuck in FCC certification, costing $550,000

LAS VEGAS--MVNO FreedomPop said its WiMAX-capable iPhone Sleeve has been delayed in the FCC's approval process due to an untested design element. The company said the unexpected delay in obtaining approval has cost the company and its manufacturing partner a total of $550,000 so far.

FreedomPop starts taking orders for WiMAX-enabled iPhone case

FreedomPop, the startup backed by Skype co-founder Niklas Zennstrom, started taking orders for a case for Apple's (NASDAQ:AAPL) iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S that is WiMAX enabled and connects to