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Latest Headlines

AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon led wireless advertising in 2015

Whether it is Verizon's colored balls commercial or T-Mobile CEO John Legere's infamous competition rants, it's clear that wireless operators spend a lot of money advertising their brands.

T-Mobile's Legere slams 'jerks' who question Binge On policies

T-Mobile CEO John Legere fired back at critics of Binge On, calling them "jerks" who may be using the hot-button net neutrality issue to garner headlines for themselves.

YouTube complains about T-Mobile's Binge On as controversy over zero-rated data offerings heat up

YouTube is complaining that T-Mobile is degrading the quality of its content because of its Binge On service,  The Wall Street Journal  reported.

A very fond Fierce farewell

FierceWireless Editor Phil Goldstein bids goodbye in his final column for the publication and reflects on how the wireless industry has changed during the seven years of his tenure.

The reality behind T-Mobile's Binge On strategy

T-Mobile US CEO John Legere has wisely phrased T-Mobile's newest Binge On announcement as the carrier giving its customers what they want. But Uncarrier X is just as much about strengthening T-Mobile's business and network management as it is about serving "uncarrier" customers.

T-Mobile execs: Binge On uses proprietary adaptive bitrate optimization technology

LOS ANGELES-- T-Mobile US executives here on the sidelines of the carrier's latest Uncarrier announcement explained that the operator's new Binge On service makes use of video optimization strategies that will effectively reduce the weight of video on T-Mobile's network, thus allowing the carrier to offer video streaming to all its Simple Choice customers for no extra cost.

T-Mobile makes Netflix, Hulu and other streaming video data free with Binge On

LOS ANGELES-- T-Mobile US at its Uncarrier X event here announced Binge On, its new offering to provide video streaming from select online video providers at no extra charge to all its customers who subscribe to 3 GB or higher data plans. Much like its Music Freedom announcement, T-Mobile said that it currently supports free video streaming from 24 video providers, and that it would add more providers in the future based on customer and provider demand.

T-Mobile launches LTE personal 'CellSpot' to generate network coverage

T-Mobile US launched a new personal small cell that offers LTE coverage, building on a move it made last year to provide a personal "CellSpot" that would enable customers to make Wi-Fi calls indoors where they had poor coverage. The new CellSpot supports T-Mobile's UMTS, LTE and Voice over LTE networks, as well as other technologies.

Rumor Mill: T-Mobile's 'Uncarrier 10' plan to let customers stream Netflix, HBO without chewing through data

T-Mobile US plans to let customers use unlimited high-speed data for watching certain streaming video services, and presumably not have that usage count toward their LTE data bucket, according to reputable mobile news leaker Evan Blass, also known as @evleaks.

Analysts: T-Mobile's Q3 ARPU trends warrant attention, but not too much worry

T-Mobile US may have raised its expectations for postpaid subscriber growth for 2015 for the third time this year when it reported third-quarter earnings yesterday, but that did not stop investors from shaving nearly 7 percent off the company's stock price yesterday. Wall Street analysts mostly agree that investors have concerns about T-Mobile's momentum slowing down and its average revenue per user, but said generally the company is doing fine.