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Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

T-Mobile CEO Legere made almost as much as AT&T CEO Stephenson in 2015

As investors gear up to evaluate carrier earnings, recent SEC filings show that T-Mobile CEO John Legere made nearly as much as AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson.

T-Mobile's Legere, AT&T's Donovan among top telecom disrupters

Perhaps no single factor paves the way for disruption in business as effectively as technology does, and nowhere is that more evident than in wireless. The smartphone revolution has changed our lives in countless ways, from the way we communicate and access the internet to the way we play games, check the news and even order car rides.

T-Mobile offers zero-rated Pokemon Go data, but that may not be such a big deal

T-Mobile is hoping to ride the Pokémon Go craze by offering customers free, unlimited data while they're using the app. But whether that particular freebie is such a big deal isn't clear.

T-Mobile, Sprint quick to pounce on Verizon's price hikes

As expected, Verizon this week upped both the price of its monthly service plans and the allotments of data those plans offer. And as expected, some of its competitors – namely T-Mobile and Sprint – were quick to pounce.

T-Mobile takes aim at Sprint's Boost with $60 handset discounts, additional lines at $25 a month

T-Mobile is targeting families with two new promotions from its MetroPCS business as competition in the prepaid market continues to heat up.

AT&T, T-Mobile bicker over competing rewards programs

Initiatives by AT&T and T-Mobile to reward their customers once a week have erupted into a spat about who did it first.  

T-Mobile's MetroPCS to offer the iPhone

T-Mobile's MetroPCS will finally start selling Apple's iPhone tomorrow – in Florida, at least.

T-Mobile replaces Domino's with Lyft for 'Tuesdays' promotion

T-Mobile is hoping its second weekly giveaway goes a bit more smoothly tomorrow than the first one did.

T-Mobile testing three-channel carrier aggregation on LTE network

T-Mobile US is testing carrier aggregation technology across three different spectrum bands, a move that could significantly improve the speed and performance of the operator's LTE network.

Un-carrier 11: Stock Up gives customers T-Mobile shares, T-Mobile Tuesdays app gives prizes

T-Mobile US today announced it would give its customers free shares in the company, and would use that effort to encourage customers to refer more people to the carrier to earn more shares. T-Mobile's stock was trading at around $43.56 per share immediately after the announcement.