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Latest Headlines

Verizon's Go90 video service will rise or fall on its content lineup-- and almost nothing else matters

The Go90 initiative will rise or fall on the strength of the video content it delivers, and almost nothing else matters. Verizon will surely spend a lot to market the service, but it will be useless to advertisers if no one tunes in.

T-Mobile's Legere: We'll have at least 2.1M net adds in Q3

T-Mobile US CEO John Legere said that the carrier's momentum on subscriber growth has continued in the third quarter, with the company besting all of the figures it posted in the second quarter. Legere also said that he thinks it's inevitable that there will be a convergence of the U.S. cable and wireless industries.  

Comcast leaves the door open to using Wi-Fi, MVNO deals for wireless offering

Comcast is open to leveraging its 11 million Wi-Fi hotspots and its MVNO relationships with wireless carriers into something more, but has no current plans to enter the wireless market with its own offering, according to CEO Brian Roberts.

T-Mobile's Legere: Give us more spectrum, and we'll amp up competition even further

T-Mobile US has been the fastest-growing wireless carrier in the last few years, but even its outspoken and aggressive CEO John Legere acknowledges that in an industry where scale truly matters, the company needs more spectrum to effectively compete.

Super Mobility conference starts to find its footing- but CTIA can still make improvements

I left Las Vegas on Friday as CTIA's Super Mobility 2015 conference drew to a close with a sense of cautious optimism for the show. Although I still think it's a bit disjointed and could use some boosts of energy, in its second-annual incarnation the umbrella super conference was more focused and had much more buzz than it did during the first go-around in 2014.

Verizon changes, simplifies corporate logo- and T-Mobile's Legere taunts carrier after

So long, "Big Red." Verizon Wireless unveiled a new, cleaner corporate logo that does away with the red "Z" and the giant red check mark above its name that had been a part of its logo since the company's inception, and instead embraced a smaller red check mark after the word "Verizon" in simpler black lettering. Verizon said it changed its logo "to go along with our renewed purpose" as a company.

T-Mobile to crack down on customers who abuse mobile hotspot data allowance for tethering

T-Mobile US said it is going to take action against a very small number of its customers who are abusing their unlimited data plans with mobile hotspot tethering services by warning them and then changing their plans if they continue to violate T-Mobile's terms of service. The carrier said it is taking the action to ensure that all customers on its network have a high-quality experience.

T-Mobile's Legere: We're going to send Verizon, AT&T and Sprint a message to abolish overages

T-Mobile US CEO John Legere said that now that a petition he started in April 2014 to abolish data overage charges has garnered more than 250,000 signatures, he and T-Mobile are going to take action.

Sprint's Claure and T-Mobile's Legere get into profanity-laced exchange over RootMetrics report

Sprint CEO Marcelo Claure and T-Mobile US CEO John Legere either really don't like each other, or they are just putting on a convincing act. The two CEOs got into their latest brouhaha on Twitter following the publication of network testing firm RootMetrics' latest bi-annual report on the carriers' network performance. What's notable is that RootMetrics eventually jumped into the profanity-laced fray to defend itself.

T-Mobile throws support behind FM radio chipsets, following Sprint and AT&T

T-Mobile US CEO John Legere indicated that the carrier will work with its handset partners to include FM radio chipsets in its phones. The move comes weeks after AT&T Mobility indicated it plans to do the same for its Android-based smartphones that come out next year.