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Latest Headlines

Google's Pichai could shake up Android, but likely not at first

Google's decision to reorganize itself and split out its businesses under a parent company called Alphabet and to put Sundar Pichai in place as the new CEO of the core Google business could have long-term implications for Google's Android mobile operating system, but they likely won't be felt for a while.

Google's Page puts Android chief Pichai in charge of products

Google CEO Larry Page is giving the company's Android boss, Sundar Pichai, responsibility for the search giant's biggest products.

Google's Project Loon will rely on carriers' licensed spectrum

Google's Project Loon airborne Internet project will rely on telecom operators' licensed spectrum to deliver wireless Internet service to rural and remote areas, said Astro Teller, "captain of moonshots" at the secretive Google X labs.

Google urges patience on Motorola, which continues to bleed cash

Google executives praised the progress the company's Motorola division has made in transforming its business, but preached patience when thinking about its operations and place inside Google.

Google's Motorola unveils Moto X Android smartphone, brings it to multiple carriers

After months of buildup and rumors, Google's Motorola Mobility unit unveiled its Moto X smartphone, a new flagship Android phone that is the highest-profile embodiment thus far of Google's hopes for a revived Motorola brand.

Google's Page 'really excited' for Moto X, swats away questions over marketing

Google CEO Larry Page said he's "really excited" about Motorola Mobility's forthcoming Moto X smartphone and other mobile products, but he batted away speculation that Google will spend half a billion dollars to market the new gadget.

Google's Page slams focus on competition in tech, draws rebukes

Google CEO Larry Page took questions from audience members during the opening keynote session of the company's annual I/O developer conference and hit on the fact that the tech media likes to play up competition between Google and its various rivals.

Google promises Motorola phone advancements, trumpets Google Glass

Google CEO Larry Page again hinted at the company's upcoming Motorola phone products, noting the gadgets likely will feature improved battery life and tougher screens.

Motorola's mobile revenue plunges in Q4, Google reports

Google said Motorola's mobile phone revenue tumbled almost 40 percent from the same quarter a year ago.

Google's Page: Focus is on keeping Android partners 'happy'

Google CEO Larry Page said the company is continuously working to keep all of its Android hardware partners happy, and that the search giant will continue to innovate around its mobile platform. However, Page stopped short of saying that the company will produce a Nexus-branded device through Motorola Mobility, the Android OEM it acquired earlier this year.