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Latest Headlines

Grading the top 10 U.S. carriers in the first quarter of 2013

The following charts the top U.S. wireless carriers in the first quarter of 2013 by subscriber base, according to research firm Strategy Analytics, and includes major metrics--such as churn, ARPU and revenue--of each carrier.

Leap sees improved iPhone sales, but will not purchase more

Cricket provider Leap Wireless said it seeing an improvement in sales of Apple's iPhone, but the company will not purchase any more devices from Apple beyond its initial $900 million, three-year deal that it made with Apple last June.

Leap introduces new $40/month smartphone family plans to spark sales

Cricket provider Leap Wireless launched a new family plan offer to entice customers to sign up for its smartphone plans. The flat-rate carrier also tweaked its pricing plans for Apple's iPhone, lowering the entry-level plan by $5 per month.

Sprint, U.S. Cellular offer deals to goose Samsung Galaxy S4 sales

As expected, Samsung Electronics is bringing its flagship Galaxy S4 to a bevy of U.S. carriers--and the operators are tripping over themselves to offer deals tied to the phone in an attempt to boost sales.

Wireless in the first quarter of 2013

How did the wireless industry perform in the first quarter  quarter of 2013? Check here throughout the first-quarter earnings report season for full earnings reports from the wireless industry's carriers, handset makers, equipment suppliers and others.

Exclusive: Verizon to launch $35 prepaid plan with 500 minutes, unlimited mobile web and texting

Verizon Wireless confirmed that tomorrow the carrier will launch a prepaid plan that includes 500 minutes and unlimited mobile web and texting. The plan will go for $35 per month and will only be available on basic phones.

Unsubsidized iPhones not appealing to consumers

Leap Wireless is realizing that unsubsidized Apple iPhone devices are not hot-sellers with consumers. Without carrier subsidies to reduce the price, the latest iPhone model sells for $500 or more, and that price point is too difficult for Leap's cost-conscious consumers to justify.

Sprint's Hesse looks beyond Clearwire for spectrum purchases

Sprint Nextel CEO Dan Hesse is looking past the company's planned $2.2 billion acquisition of Clearwire as he seeks to catch up to larger rivals Verizon Wireless and AT&T Mobility.

Leap strikes LTE roaming deal with unnamed carrier

Cricket provider Leap Wireless said it resolved its disagreements with Sprint Nextel regarding their wholesale MVNO agreement and also entered into an LTE roaming deal with an unnamed company.  In the past Leap executives have expressed support for network sharing and LTE roaming arrangements. Leap currently has a nationwide 3G roaming agreement with Sprint.

Wireless emergency alerts sent ahead of Northeast blizzard

Some wireless customers in the Northeast on Thursday received an alert on their phone about the impending blizzard expected to blanket the region with snow over the weekend. The alerts were sent as part of the government's new federal emergency alert system. However, not every subscriber in the region received an alert because not all phones on all participating carriers support the new system.